Wednesday, May 21, 2008

2nd Anniversary

After not being able to go to the beach for 3 years, Gani & I flew to Boracay few days ago via PAL Express. The 56-sitter plane which was recently introduced by PAL is very fresh and a must try!

We took the 9:20AM flight. It was raining when we arrived in Caticlan at 10:20AM, just as we thought that the weather already improved but it has not.

We stayed in Boracay Holiday Resort at Station 2 (behind Boracay Regency) for two nights. We chose this hotel for the nice pool as an alternative in case there are “lumot” in the White Beach.

Since the weather did not cooperate, we celebrated our anniversary and enjoyed our vacation a little bit different than planned. We swimmed a little, had a massage in the hotel, and for the most part, we ate a lot! We dined at Rumba (T-Bone steak good, need better steak sauce), Paradisu (loved their sinigang na hipon and baked clamshells), Gasthof (mouth watering baby back ribs… so delicious!), Aria (Pasta Marinara just okay, Quattro Formaggi great!) and Mang Inasal (chicken bbq not so good, but the pork one better). Since it was kind of cold, while I was not a big fan of cappuccino, it changed when I tried CafĂ© del Sol. Their cappuccino is just right; the blend was not too strong and it was creamy. I had at least 3 cups of that good tasting coffee for the rest of our stay. I even bought their mug as souvenir.

3rd day, it was time to go home in the afternoon and it was low tide. The motor boat we were riding could not reach the shore. We had to take the transfer to the smaller boat instead. It was shaky when the “banggkeros” tried to get all of us onboard. There were 2 Russian couples as well and I could see in their faces how scared they were. So was I! And I was not sure how they were able to fit around 30 people, including our luggage!

It was fun, exciting, scary, and very satisfying vacation with my hubby. Once we get the chance to go back to the powdery white beach, Reese will be a toddler then, and I will make sure she will enjoy the beach and all of us will play in the sand on a sunny summer by then.

First Ever Post

This is my first ever blog post and hopefully the start of sharing my thoughts and my life through the World Wide Web!