Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Dora on eBay Philippines (Post No. 1)

My 1st birthday preparation and hunting for Dora the Explorer stuff is still far from over. And since I don’t have the extra time to visit Divisoria, I tried eBay Philippines instead. I found a lot of Dora party items that are reasonably priced and here are some of them:

  • Dora party hats (12 pcs) -> 40 php
  • Dora coloring book -> 10-15 php
  • Dora crayons 6’s (set of 2) -> 15 php
  • Dora small white board with pen -> 30 php
  • Dora button pin (40 pcs) -> 260 php
  • Dora transparent gift bag -> 15 php

On top of the item cost, the sellers usually charge 70-90 php for the shipping fee within Metro Manila.

Although, I was hesitant to do the transaction on-line and knowing that I don’t have the luxury of Time, I took the risk. Keeping my fingers crossed, I purchased Dora white board and button pins online from seller Kym of eBay. After few email exchanges confirming availability of my order and payment mode, I deposited cash to the BDO account provided by Kym on Wednesday. Within the same hour, I immediately inform the seller of the deposit I made, but didn’t get any confirmation after that.

The feeling was uneasy, and somewhat I was becoming paranoid… I think it was just natural to feel that way. But going on with my instinct that my order was being processed, I decided to send another message to the seller on Friday morning and got a quick response apologizing and saying she’ll follow-up. That same day, the items were delivered! Here are the samples:

It was a relief to know that the transaction was for real! Thanks to Kym for being true to her words. The items are in good condition and she even included some freebies! You can check out her items at eBay Philippines (those that start with “kym: “)

If you have plans of buying items on eBay, here are some tips to make shopping successful:

1) Canvass price of the item desired at the nearest mall (for convenience) so that you have a good idea of the actual price. Bear in mind that even it could be cheaper from eBay, there is shipping fee charged on top of the item cost.

2) Know the seller; it’s best to look for the Power Seller icon beside the seller name. This means that the seller has a good record of positive feedback from previous customers.

3) Ask seller questions first, assess the way the seller response to questions.

4) Mode of payment is usually through Gcash and bank deposits. But if PayPal is available, this is the best choice and most secured.

5) Consider the amount of risk you can take, it will be best to start with smaller transaction. This way, in case it’s a fraud, you won’t lose that much.

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