Monday, June 16, 2008

Family Reunion

It’s been years ago since we had our family reunion with relatives from my mom’s mother side. The occasion was headed by Tita Zeny (mom’s aunt) who came home from Chicago to spend time with her four elder siblings. Their age bracket is around 70s-86, that’s a lot of bonus years from God! And would you believe that at their age, all of them are fond of SMS? Since they don’t see each other that much, that’s their way of keeping in touch.

The reunion was planned just a week before the event. My sister booked the venue at Malolos Club Royale in Bulacan. I don’t know how the communication spread that fast, maybe the grandmas and grandpa did the massive texting. Here comes Sunday, and the reunion was on stage, there were 55 of us who were present at the event.

After the prayer lead by Tito Cardito (grandparents on my mother side are usually called Tito or Tita), few introductory words by Tita Venice (mom’s cousin), we had lunch at 12:30. Among the buffet dishes, my favorite was lechon kawali. I wonder if that needs to be removed from the menu, because hypertension runs in the family, especially with the elderly age 40 and up. So I already warned my Mom not to take any on her plate.

After having a scrumptious meal, each family was introduced on stage sequentially, from the eldest to the youngest sibling of my grandmother. Some were saying funny stuff; others were saying their family member’s work, achievements, looks and so on. But when our turn came, the stage became full. My grandmother’s family was the biggest among those who have attended!

Everybody was beaming with joy. It was truly a blessing to be able to spend time with family & relatives and get in touch with them. I may not be able to memorize their names, specially those little ones, but I am hoping that when our time comes, we can gather the family once again like what the elders are doing.

More power and good health to Mama Tonie (my grandma), Tita Zeny, Tito Cardito, Tita Sion (the eldest at 86) and Ninang Bebe!

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