Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Picture of Us

We occasionally take pictures of our family at home, especially of my daughter, to capture some moments and see how much she has grown. Most of the pictures are candid, smiling & just wearing plain house clothes.

Last weekend, we finally had our first studio-taken family picture. I’ve wanted to do this for the longest time but was worried that Reese will not smile seeing the unfamiliar face of the photographer. She usually frowns or make a straight face whenever introduced to anybody she saw only the first time. That’s why I’ve waited until her 11th month, just few weeks before her 1st birthday to make this happen.

On the photo session day, we dressed up a bit and wore color-coordinated clothes, all with touch of peach. Then, upon entering the studio, Reese started baby talking so loud! She was pretty amazed and excited seeing those huge images of babies and children hanging at the wall. I thought she would keep that mood, but when the photo shoot began, seeing strange faces made her frown once more. So the photographer, her assistant and Tita did everything they could, doing all those funny things just to take a good shot of my little girl. I knew they were funny coz I caught myself laughing too. After tons of trying, their efforts paid off! And here are the evidences:

Torres official family picture

Gillian Reese Torres wearing her best smile!

I would have opted for multiple poses, but the photo studio charges “so much” per sheet (frugal spending in mind). And of course, they don’t give softcopy of the image for free, so I had the images scanned as an alternative. Although I am happy with what I got, but next time I’ll do more research and comparison. And if I could find a photo studio that sells the image softcopy at a reasonable price, I’ll definitely go for it. Our target is for Reese to start walking on her own before taking the next one.

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