Saturday, July 26, 2008

My Special Day

I don’t usually plan or celebrate my birthday. Typically, I just have dinner with my family. But just the day before, I caught myself thinking how I want it to take place. Maybe, I also feel like celebrating my first year of being a “mom”. So here are the happenings last July 24:

1. I took a surprise vacation leave by turning on my “Out of Office” in the Outlook mail just the day before. Sorry Frankie, late filing! ;-)

2. By 2 pm, I brought Reese to our office for the first time to be my special guest to the simple “merienda” treat for my office friends. Everyone was surprised when they heard her voice echoing in the entire floor. I was so glad for doing that! :-)

Reese with my office friends

3. Good thing Gani was able to file half day leave despite of my short notice. We went to Kidz Republic in Megamall and played for half an hour with Reese. We thought it was short, but we’re already grasping for breath and we’re quite tired from playing. Reese can never have enough of it, especially seeing other kids playing around.

Reese, busy with her colorful surroundings

4. We had dinner at our favorite Filipino restaurant, “Mannang” and ordered their delicious and mouth-watering “kare-kare” (beef stew in peanut sauce) and crispy spicy squid. It was so filling that I couldn’t ask for dessert anymore.

Our family in Mannang, Reese busy with the menu

Reese trying to find something she likes ;-)

Then, we all went home. With only 2 blocks away from our place, the rain poured hard. For me, it was a sign of God’s blessings. Thank You po for everything. I feel so blessed! :-)

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