Saturday, July 26, 2008

Now that Reese turned 1...

I was supposed to go out with office friends last Friday on a dinner treat but decided not to go ‘coz of headache and body pain. The day before when I brought Reese in the office, I was carrying her almost the whole afternoon. It’s quite obvious that I cannot bear her weight too long. She just turned 1 this month and already weighs 11.1 kilos and is 81 cms long!

While on my way home, I thought of Reese and the things that she is fond of doing. And to keep this memory, I am listing some of them here:

· A day will not be complete without Reese “clapping” her hands. There were even times that when she woke up in the morning, she suddenly claps like thanking God for a brand new day. She also claps whenever she hears audience does it on TV.
· She knows “hands appear” but refuses to do the align trick. (still clueless why)
· She can say “daddy” very well when someone lead her to call her dad. There were also times that she mentions it just out of the blue. (daddy's girl)
· She calls me “mammammm….” when she’s frustrated on something to get my attention to help her out. ;-)
· Another thing she does to get attention is “coughing” even though she’s only pretending! (artista)
· She’s a TV addict like her dad and I am hoping I can still change that even by half. (sigh)
· She can get out of a blanket being thrown at her and gives a “big smile” like feeling accomplished.
· She calls Tita with the last syllable “tah” particularly when she hears her mobile phone ringing and Tita couldn’t answer it immediately.
· Hums and dances to any sound she likes. Bounces whenever she sees the “Meaty Ginisang Gulay” commercial for kids.
· Fond of “tags” made of paper or cloth, those that are found on bibs & toys. She likes them better than the toy! :-p
· Carries her bib most of the time. It’s like her hanky that’s why we always tease her, “Ate V”.
· Fond of anything that has words or letter on it. I hope that’s an indication she’s interested in reading.
· Lastly, when in the mood, she follows my request when I say, “Reese, kiss mommy”. She slowly goes towards me and gives me a soft “no sound” kiss on my cheek. For me, that is the sweetest thing! :-)

When you grow up Reese, please find time to read this. I’m sure you’ll enjoy as much as I did!

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