Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Photo Invite

It was a challenge finding Dora images that I could use for creating Reese’s 1st birthday photo invitation. I am not even good at using Adobe Photoshop yet, so I ended up creating the invitation using plain MS PowerPoint.

I searched for Dora images on the web and found a few images that I could use. I saved the images as TIFF coz I’ve learned from Photography 101 that it has better quality than JPEG. Then, I layout the text using Dora inspired colors, added my daughter’s picture and included borders to make it look “a little bit” like a pro. The first 2 different designs I created didn’t come out nicely on actual prints. Then I thought of searching for 800 x 600 (fit for 4R) images of Dora and found a nice desktop background image with Dora and Boots on it. This one I really like coz it made my life easy without having to deal with image cropping. After few printing tryouts with different photo labs and color modification, at last I made it.

Personalized photo invitation usually costs 35php with minimum of 20 pcs. With this one, I only spent 7php per piece. My efforts paid off! Cheers to everyone who keeps on trying!

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