Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Twofold Event

Last Saturday, we went home to Bulacan for the advance celebration of my birthday. We had lunch with my mom, sister, lola, tito & tita at LeeFoo restaurant in Tabang (near LTO). The food choices were simple and more of a “lutong bahay”. I did like the chicken asparagus soup I ordered for Reese. I was happy to have this get together lunch with my family once in a while because I don’t always get the chance to visit them.

Another purpose of our visit was to meet the immediate family of my sister’s fiancĂ© for their “pamanhikan” (pre-wedding tradition) in the afternoon of that same day. Unlike the traditional “pamanhikan”, it was an informal meet-up and my mom didn't require any dowry. :-) Congratulations & best wishes to my Ate and Tope!

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