Thursday, August 7, 2008

Found Treasure

I got daily dose of Our Daily Bread each morning as my computer starts up. That is part of my daily routine before actually jumping to work. I always try my best to read on it each day to know our loving God, and to feed my soul and my mind.

Now, I remember the website of Bo Sanchez I saw on TV few weeks ago and to my surprise, I found another treasure! He got lots of inspirational stories in his blog and in addition, an almost daily video of himself talking about God with a prayer afterwards. It’s good to have video for my daily reflection and hear the voice of the preacher like talking to you and sharing more on what God has in store for all of us. I wish I found this much earlier. Couple of years ago, I've read his book Simplify and Live the Good Life but wasn't able to keep myself updated. But now, I'll catch up. I feel so inspired and knowing that in days I am not at my best, I just have to read on and listen, then I’ll always feel better… Thank you Lord for making me found this one. And more power to Bo!

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