Saturday, August 16, 2008

Rain Rain Go Away!

Yesterday, I was rushing to go home but dropped by the grocery first because Reese’s can of milk was almost empty. So I bought a big can of milk and some groceries quickly and hurried back to the exit door. To my surprise, the rain was already pouring so hard and it was not possible for me to cross the street without getting soaked. So I stayed inside the mall for half an hour, did window shopping, sited on the bench then headed back to the exit door. It was still raining, so I did the same thing over and over again. Then after 2 hours of waiting, despite of the rain I bravely went out and walked across the street to the terminal and lined up.

I thought I could finally go home, but tough luck! Due to the heavy rains some areas were already flooded and the FX to my route could not pass through. I stayed in the terminal for 2 hours more and still, nothing happened! It was even raining non-stop.

Gani who was stuck in traffic also got caught in heavy flood and the car’s engine emitted steam when some water made contact with it. He stopped over to a gasoline station near Acacia Lane to check and see if the car won’t break. When the rain finally stopped, he was able to pick me up from Megamall. It was 10 pm and I was there for more than 4 hours already! My feet were aching and I don’t feel like I can stand for another hour or so.

Both of us we’re very tired and hungry. He parked the car across Seattle’s Best then we entered Cajun restaurant. It was our first time there so I have no idea what food will be good to order. To stick to the safe side, I ordered the standard Cajun Bourbon Back Ribs with rice and shredded corn while Gani had New York Fish and Chips. Both meals were delicious and satisfying matched with 2 canned sodas. The price was very reasonable too, only 625 pesos for everything! Baby back ribs alone usually cost that much, so that was a real treat! We finally got something nice out of a difficult day.

We drove home and there was still traffic along the way. At last, we’re home by 11:30 pm. Reese was fast asleep… no more chance for me to hear her laughing out loud before sleep. On the brighter side, we’re home just in time, just before her milk was totally gone. Sigh!

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