Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Out of Stock!

Since last week, Progress Gold milk is out of stock! I’ve searched SM Supermarket, Watsons and even got to the point of crossing St. Francis Square to check on Mercury drug store but didn’t found any. I ended up texting Reese’s pedia and was advised to switch to Enfagrow A+ for alternative. Whew! That was close! Reese’s milk will be running out by the time I arrive home later.

It was so tiring to walk from Mega B to Mega A and even cross the street during a “sunny-rainy” weather. (what’s the exact term should be?). Time to reward myself a little for my efforts, and so I dropped by Gloria Jeans. Typically I order mocha chiller “Coco Loco”, but this time I tried cappuccino chiller, “Chocolate Macadamia Nut”. It is so creamy and perfectly made for the “mild-coffee” drinker person like me. An absolute treat! :p

I’ll be out of office tomorrow 'coz Reese’s new yaya will arrive tonight. I will be training her on things to do especially for Reese. She happens to be a relative also and was known to be of good moral character. I hope this time it will be different. (fingers crossed!)


Reese didn't like the taste of Enfagrow A+ which has a thinner consistency compared to her usual milk. Enfagrow A+ requires only 3 scoops of milk for 6oz of water, while Progress Gold needs 5 scoops for the same. Good thing Gani was able to hoard 4 cans (900 g) of Progress Gold from the newly opened Save More supermarket in Rotonda last Sep 24. I've checked once again in SM Megamall last Sep 26 and in SM Centerpoint the day after but still, "no stock"! I wonder why Progress Gold is not being replenished in stores for more than 2 weeks now! I hope it has nothing to do with the "milk scare" from China...

Update 2:

Finally, the long wait is over! I visited SM Megamall supermarket last Oct 8 and found large cans of Progress Gold! Hooray!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

There She Walks!

Reese, at 14 months old weighs 12 kgs and is 83 cms tall (like a 2 year old) can now walk on her own! She used to get my hand to assist her to get into places she likes. But one time when I got home from work, I was thrilled to see her walking without any guide. It was exciting to see her going to and fro our sala and kitchen! Since we started bringing her to my in-law’s house everyday, her sense of balance improved greatly. The care of grandparents to their “apo” is incomparable on its own special way. Thanks to Tatay & Nanay! I can’t wait to see Reese “running” in the next few months. :-)

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Forgettable Week

Aside from sharing unforgettable experiences and family joys, this blog serves as my online diary. So I am about to share the most forgettable week I had in my whole life! The week of August 18 is something that even I don’t want to remember has made it's own mark in my memory.

Yaya Catastrophe
We fired Reese’s yaya/all around maid who happened to be a “far” relative. Considering that she has a husband and family in the province and at age 44, I discovered that she got herself a 20-year-old (yes, 20) boyfriend! I thought the one she kept on texting was her family but it turned out that she got lots of text mates and most of them were coming from a cable channel! My MIL also reported that she was meeting up with her text mates and it could be a high security risk for Reese and my family. She was trusting people we didn’t know, although it didn’t come to a point that she was able to bring them to our house since we discovered her deceitfulness early. She didn't work on the household chores most of the time and I lived with that, thinking it could be because she was spending most of her time taking care of Reese. But in the last 2 months, I’ve noticed some changes with how Reese reacted to her. And now I realized those were indications that things were not going right. I was very furious simply because it was so unfair!!! I did well not just to her but to her family considering they are relatives. It is just so hard to trust people nowadays. Enough said. I guess you already know how upset and disappointed I am. I am very thankful to God that even though I don’t pray that long, but I was assured that my prayers are always heard.

Reese Got Intestinal Flu
Coincidentally, after firing the maid, Reese got sick. She got a slight fever, vomiting and diarrhea. So I took leave on Tuesday to bring her to the doctor’s clinic for check-up. The doctor said that the temperature was just normal and gave us Erceflora to fight the bacteria in her tummy, Immuzinc to increase her immunity and Pedialyte to keep her hydrated. I am grateful that my MIL was very supportive and she assisted us in every step of the way. Here comes Wednesday, Reese continued to take on her medicine. The diarrhea already stopped, so we’re left with vomiting. It was very difficult as I was cleaning almost every hour after each episode. So what I did was after each feeding, I carry Reese on my lap and waited for the sign if she was going to spill the milk out. In most cases, she always did. She looks very pale and was always sleepy. On Thursday morning, she was able to intake her milk without spilling it out. In the afternoon, I went to office to file my leave and to fix some errands and rush back home after 4 hours. Reese condition was not improving at all, so we finally decided to bring her to the hospital. She was weak and didn’t have the energy to cry out loud when the nurse inserted the dextrose in her hand. It was very painful for me seeing Reese that weak. She used to be a strong and bubbly kid. We stayed in the hospital for almost 2 days. With no antibiotic needed, Reese finally recovered and was back to her usual self. Talkative, cheerful and lively!

Slight Car Dent Caused by a Lousy Lady Driver
It was Friday when Reese was still in the hospital, her dad needed to report half day to work. So he was driving along Sta. Ana when a car parked at the street side started to move on reverse. It was near the intersection and Gani coming from the main road blew the horn to signal the other driver that he was passing. The car stopped and Gani proceeded thinking that the car will not move, but it did! So our car was hit slightly in between the 2 doors at the driver side. Good thing the impact was not strong and both drivers were safe. The lady driver admitted that she was not looking on both sides. They were not able to get a blotter since the policeman nearby said it was not part of their job. It wouldn’t be a good idea to argue with the policeman (right) so they both decided to settle it on their own. As expected, that lady no longer admitted her fault. We decided not to fuss over it and use our own insurance to fix our car. Although we had to pay the participation fee, but I think, that is nothing than making ourselves more stressed with that irresponsible citizen! Aside from the dent she got from the accident, her car has more scratches and dents which only show she’s a messy driver. Such a pity girl!

I don’t mean to stress anyone who read this. These are all for my record. That once in my life, these things happened all at the same week. It was also that week that I asked God, “Lord, please put an end to this week so that we can start a brand new week and move forward.” I’ve learned a lot of lessons here and experienced how much strength me and my family have to bear all these…Thank God for constantly answering my prayers, the week ended, Reese is healthy and my family is safe.