Monday, November 24, 2008

Gani turned 28!

Click to play Gani's Birthday

Gani’s birthday has become an annual tradition for us and his family. We usually celebrate it by dining out to our favorite restaurant and often times when we’re not yet married, we used to have dinner and karaoke in their family house where everything was prepared by Nanay as she is fond of doing this for all her children.

I just gave birth last year which means I was pregnant the other year, so I wasn’t able to setup anything for his birthdays then. (excuses…) But this time, when he decided that he wants to have it in our apartment, I took some time to prepare for it.

We had his birthday celebration last Nov 22, 2 days before his actual birthday. I cooked Carbonara & Beef Caldereta and ordered billiard themed Cake with flavor “rhumbutter” from Red Ribbon. He kept on asking for that cake flavor since we only had that during our wedding more than 2 years ago. I also decorated the dining area with a Disney Pixar Cars inspired birthday banner with his name and table cloth both from TK. And to add more to the party ambiance, I grab some colorful balloons from NBS and got some free balloon sticks courtesy of Marion. It ended up having a slight kiddie party appeal. :p
Of course, my MIL cooked Squid Relleno & Pork chop in Ginger stew while his brother prepared Kilawin na Talaba. And before I forget, the birthday celebrator himself made the ever delicious Buko Salad.

It’s our 2nd year together, and having a toddler in the house gives us a lot of reason to have our first home-made celebration. Everybody had fun and was delighted to have a different party venue this time. And after all the visitors have gone home, Tita Beth and I continued the karaoke until both of us were too sleepy and tired.

Happy-happy birthday to my life-time partner and I hope the good times would always be there. Enjoy my simple gift. I love you!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

What Reese can do now?

*Can say /use these words:
- Daddy
- Babay (goodbye)
- Ayaw (don’t like)
- Yehey!
- Wow! (her favorite expression)
- Hmmm… sarap! (delicious)

*Some of her favorites:
Color – Blue (she always hold on to the blue toys more often than the others)
TV commercial – Colgate (Brush, brush, brush, 3 times a day!)
Cartoon show – Pocoyo, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Dibo the Gift Dragon, My Friends Tiger & Pooh

*Can count from 1 – 10 since she was 14 months, she cannot pronounce the numbers clearly but it’s funny to note that her “seven” and “ten” are in Ilongga tone. ;-)

*Fond to doodle and finally got her magic slate broken

*Can play stackable stars and simple shape sorter, she can find the shape and put it inside the drum based on the color. I found it so amazing when she was able to figure it out.

*She kisses Pocoyo on the TV screen. I think she likes him a lot!

*When I sing the phrase from Tigger and Pooh “When you have a problem…” and stopped, she’ll sing the next phrase, “Think, Think, Think” as hard as she can

Today, Reese is officially 1 year and 4 months old.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Reese's 1st Trick or Treat!

We had a "Trick or Treat" party in the office last October 30. Each group decorated their work stations and prepared lootbags full of candies and various toys just for the kids!

I went to the office in the morning and had lunch back home to pick up Reese. I made sure to be back in the office before 2pm due to the scheduled fire drill in our building. It will really become horrible not to be there on-time since they will shut down the elevator and nobody will be allowed to enter the premises. Not to mention that our office is situated in the 20th floor.

And so Tita, Reese and I made it to the office much earlier. We dressed up Reese and went straight to the 19th floor to register and take pictures. Reese was so shy, she didn’t want her picture to be taken so I ended up holding her from behind. I was so happy that a lot of kids (about 50 plus) were there and all dressed up in their cutest Halloween costumes.

Then the “trick or treat” began. Reese and the other kids got loads of candies, balloons and toys from my officemates/office friends. I was so preoccupied assisting Reese from going to and fro our office and wasn’t able to use my own camera that much. She was very amazed and overwhelemed that it was so difficult to keep her still.

I am sharing some of the pictures taken with Reese. Till the next trick or treat! :-)

Click to play Reese 1st Halloween '08
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