Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Reese's 1st Trick or Treat!

We had a "Trick or Treat" party in the office last October 30. Each group decorated their work stations and prepared lootbags full of candies and various toys just for the kids!

I went to the office in the morning and had lunch back home to pick up Reese. I made sure to be back in the office before 2pm due to the scheduled fire drill in our building. It will really become horrible not to be there on-time since they will shut down the elevator and nobody will be allowed to enter the premises. Not to mention that our office is situated in the 20th floor.

And so Tita, Reese and I made it to the office much earlier. We dressed up Reese and went straight to the 19th floor to register and take pictures. Reese was so shy, she didn’t want her picture to be taken so I ended up holding her from behind. I was so happy that a lot of kids (about 50 plus) were there and all dressed up in their cutest Halloween costumes.

Then the “trick or treat” began. Reese and the other kids got loads of candies, balloons and toys from my officemates/office friends. I was so preoccupied assisting Reese from going to and fro our office and wasn’t able to use my own camera that much. She was very amazed and overwhelemed that it was so difficult to keep her still.

I am sharing some of the pictures taken with Reese. Till the next trick or treat! :-)

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