Wednesday, November 5, 2008

What Reese can do now?

*Can say /use these words:
- Daddy
- Babay (goodbye)
- Ayaw (don’t like)
- Yehey!
- Wow! (her favorite expression)
- Hmmm… sarap! (delicious)

*Some of her favorites:
Color – Blue (she always hold on to the blue toys more often than the others)
TV commercial – Colgate (Brush, brush, brush, 3 times a day!)
Cartoon show – Pocoyo, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Dibo the Gift Dragon, My Friends Tiger & Pooh

*Can count from 1 – 10 since she was 14 months, she cannot pronounce the numbers clearly but it’s funny to note that her “seven” and “ten” are in Ilongga tone. ;-)

*Fond to doodle and finally got her magic slate broken

*Can play stackable stars and simple shape sorter, she can find the shape and put it inside the drum based on the color. I found it so amazing when she was able to figure it out.

*She kisses Pocoyo on the TV screen. I think she likes him a lot!

*When I sing the phrase from Tigger and Pooh “When you have a problem…” and stopped, she’ll sing the next phrase, “Think, Think, Think” as hard as she can

Today, Reese is officially 1 year and 4 months old.

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  1. hay nako... yang AYAW na word din ang favorite sabihin ni aquim ngayon. lahat na lang puro AYAW!!! haha. ayaw uminom ng gamot, ayaw uminon ng water, ayaw magpakiss, ayaw magpa HUG. lahat AYAW!!! :)