Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Marion & Dennis Tied the Knot

Gani and I got 2 wedding invites just for a single month, 1 from my sister and another 1 from my friend Marion.

Marion's very special day was held at a Christian church in QC last Dec 13 around 2:30 pm. We were few minutes late and Marion had just walked in the aisle after we arrived. It was a traditional Chinese wedding, the opening prayer was delivered in Mandarin and English versions. The ceremony and picture takings lasted for almost 2 hours.

Unlike the usual Filipino wedding wherein the reception immediately follows, in this case there was a 2 hour gap and the reception was set at 6:30 pm. We travelled from the church to the reception venue for almost an hour, took valet parking and had coffee and snack in Times Plaza. Venue was walking distance from there.

We proceeded to the venue few minutes before 6:30 pm. To our surprise, very few guests were there. They said that it was normal for the Chinese wedding reception to start late and wait for almost all the guests to arrive. Good thing we had snack awhile ago. Gani met his friend from PUP, Ping who happened to be the back-up photographer for the event. They took shots of guests and the place while waiting.

Finally, the party started around 8:30 pm. As expected, food was served dish after dish. I experienced this type of dining in Grand Hyatt hotel in Beijing 4 years ago. There was a list of dishes to be served and an interval of 10 minutes for every dish to be laid on the table. Some guests happily put check-marks on the list after each serving.

It was 10pm when we decided to go home as valet parking will close. My stomach was full and was not able to touch the last 2 dishes served. So this serves as my record for our first ever Chinese wedding experience!

To Marion and Dennis, congratulations to both of you and may your dreams come true!

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  1. Hahaha, super natawa ako sa "Some guests happily put check-marks on the list after each serving..."!