Friday, December 11, 2009

Miura Hydroculture Plants - updated

I came across these mini hydroculture plants in Megamall and I instantly fell in love with them! Aren’t they so pretty including their pots?! I’ve collected five of these in the span of one week! I don’t know… but I feel so happy seeing them and it seems like I’m kinda hooked to these plants.

I placed four of them into this wooden house-like piece I found at home.

While the fifth plant landed on top of our fridge to complement the wooden fish behind it.

These mini-plants are soil-less and are easy to maintain. No need to neither wash any jelly nor replace anything. The routine is just to water them 2-3 times a week. Their main purpose is for indoor use and sunlight is not recommended at all. So far, they are green and alive. I really hope that they will last for long.

I’m done with the house mini-plants for now, (I’m still itching to get a maxi plant for one corner of the house and that’s more costly). And my quest won’t be over yet until I got my mini-plant/s for my office cube. Also, I plan to give one of these to five of my “girl” friends as Christmas present and I hope they’ll like it (sshhhh…).

Already found these for my office cube. Just loving it! :-)

Update 2 (Mar 8, 2010)
I already got 10 mini plants... but 4 of them dried up already.  First one is the plant in the white pot (like alovera), probably due to overwatering.  Second is the plant in the orange-black pot (with red & green leaves), it requires more water than the rest and probably dried up due to lack of bright indirect light.  Third & fourth is the plant in the pink pot, I have two of these, one in the office and the other one at home.  The one in the office dried due to overwatering, but the one I had at home, I simply don't know.  I am sure I didn't overwater and that there was enough light.

I observed that the plants grow better in the office due to the consistent bright indirect light and cold temperature.  This goes true with my money plants that I setup in the office and at home.  Now,  even if I am tempted to try other plants at home, I think I'd rather not for now i might go for it next time I found a cute one. :-)

Update (Sep 15, 2010)
It's been a month already since the last miura plant at home finally gave up.   Thus, the next time I passed by the store, I decided to get a new plant and found this cutie...

sanseveria honey
And below are what I currently have in the office.  The one in pink pot is already 9 months old while the money tree is roughly 6 months.

fittonia verschafelttii-white & pachira aquatica (money tree)

Update (Sep 24, 2010)
Check out my newest plant here

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

First Christmas Tree

I promised myself and Reese that even if our schedule is quite hectic due to the recent move, we’ll have our very first Christmas tree setup for her. Keeping that promise in mind, we were off to the most populated area of Metro Manila (Divisoria) last Saturday to get Reese her very first Christmas tree. Seeing those sky-rocketing prices at the mall just added more reason to take this effort and it was SO worth it. We only spent roughly 2,300 pesos for our 6ft Christmas tree and its decorations!

I’m listing the breakdown here for future reference:

From Divisoria (Tabora St.):
6 ft Christmas Tree (non-pvc) – 1,300
1 dozen medium gold poinsettias – 190
1 dozen medium royal blue poinsettias – 170
18 pcs medium silver balls – 200
18 pcs small royal blue balls – 120

From SM Megamall:
100 bulb christmas lights (rice type, one color) – 199
1 roll of gold ribbon (for top), free ribbon setup by SM - 125

All for Reese... I'll be blogging next about that little spiky thing behind the Christmas tree. :-)

The Move

Taking advantage of the long-weekend, we finally made our move to San Juan last Nov 28. The movers arrived at 1 pm, an hour earlier than the target. I wasn’t prepared yet and needed to take a bath after massive exposure to dust! So we had them wait for half an hour outside before we let them in and load our stuff to the truck.

Gani supervised the loading in the truck while Len-len was the onlooker at the second floor and I took care of the ground floor. It was quite smooth and the movers were professional. They knew exactly what needs to be done and more importantly, they took care of our belongings and made sure that nothing was lost nor damaged. Our things were brought from Sta. Mesa to San Juan then to Sta. Mesa again (in-law’s house). We availed round trip service since the house we got is semi-furnished. Need to let go of other furnitures that we won’t be using and had loved ones find use for them.

So after the movers left San Juan for their last trip, all that was left were boxes, boxes and boxes everywhere! Even if it was our 2nd time to move, I know I won’t ever get used to the amount of time & effort needed to get everything organized. Our remaining energies were spent unpacking the necessities first, all related to food & clothing. The rest were taken care of during the next few days. Up to this writing, we still have some boxes to unpack and other stuff I want to place in storage cabinets.

But have you ever wonder where Reese was during those days? She was with her Lola and slept in their house for a couple of nights to give us more time and flexibility to pack and unpack our things. We just had her back 3 nights after the move (yeah… so sad but got no choice). Hearing her laughs and talks again are my rewards for all those hectic and tiring days! We are all together now to experience and enjoy our new environment. Another BIG leap in our lives…thanks to Ondoy… and above all, thank God for all His timely answers to our prayers.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

My Little Monster Bride

The Halloween Family Day is my most awaited office event 'coz this is my chance to bring Reese in the office and to see my colleague's kids as well.

For this year, I had Reese wear a monster bride costume. It wasn't so easy and took sometime to convince her to wear it since the costume is just plain black and white. Moving forward, I promise that I'll get something colorful and probably, more kid friendly for her next year. :-)

Below are some snapshots of my little monster bride.

Reese having her face paint

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Now It's Ours

Next to having a happy family life, our biggest dream is having our own house. It doesn’t have to be huge nor lavish, just a place that we can be comfortable with and which we can call our home.

For more than 3 years, we have rented 2 apartments in Sta. Mesa, both of which we had wished to be sold to us by its respective owners but none of it we chance to acquire. Until typhoon Ondoy came and those hopes and wishes were all gone. Thank God, we didn’t rush offering the owner to purchase their house. I could imagine how regretful that can be knowing that we saved hard earned money for it.

Right after the typhoon, when things were just 50% back to normal, Gani and I spent late night hours searching the web for a house. The pressure to find a new place to stay was just enormous since we have experienced the biggest flooding in Metro Manila. The weather nowadays is like a nightmare, that every time it rains, everybody get anxious. Houses that didn’t have flooding for years were sank in water. Finally, an office friend of Gani recommended a place in San Juan that is sure to be flood-free. We didn’t get the chance to explore San Juan before 'coz subconsciously, we fell in love with Sta. Mesa. (Funny, but true! we got so used to the surroundings and accessibility of the place and also, we wanted to stay close to my in-laws.)

So we’ve visited the place some three weeks ago, thought about it, searched other possibilities and weighed our options. Then, have seriously considered the place but almost lost the deal 10 days ago. And just last week, we have closed the deal with the seller! She handed us the key and now it’s ours! We’re now free to do whatever we want with it and we're moving next month! :-)

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Lessons Learned

Yes, my long absence here meant we were hit by typhoon Ondoy. Our personal belongings were damaged true, but we are more than thankful that our families and friends are safe.

Things are slowly getting back to normal for us. Although we've got no car and TV for almost 3 weeks already, I see this little inconveniences as nothing compared to those who need to be in evacuation centers. As for my daughter Reese, she found comfort discovering new vidoes to watch from the internet like "Your Baby Can Read" and the old "Mickey Mouse and friends" cartoons.

Just few days ago, I came across Bo's blog entry entitled Every Storm Will End. I was inspired by this article and would like to share my favorite lines from it:

  • Remember that every loss is temporary
  • If you lost material things or opportunities or relationships, believe that God is creating room for something better to come your way
  • I’m too blessed to be stressed. (indeed)

All along, we've been waiting for the owner of the place we're renting to sell it to us not knowing that Ondoy could cause it to drown. Surely, we've lost almost all of our property options right now and all we can do is to ask God to open new windows for us to find the place that we can really call OUR HOME.

I don't believe in luck, I believe that in God's perfect plan & time, our dream place will come. :-)

Thursday, September 24, 2009

How is Reese?

Reese is now 26 months old, 93 cms tall and weighs 14.6 kg. Good thing she’s not yet so heavy 'coz I’m afraid that I won’t be able to carry her that much considering that I have scoliosis.

At present, these are the things that I like so much about her:
  • Reese likes to sing-along with almost any tune she likes. Our favorite song nowadays is “Part of Your World” from Little Mermaid. She also knows some current hits like “Mad”, “Poker Face”, “I Gotta Feeling” and some OPM songs like “Torete”, “Sulat” and other fun songs from a noon time show. I’m glad that she can appreciate good music and able to carry a tune.
  • Refers to herself as Dora, and sometimes calls her dad “Diego” when she makes fun of him.
  • There was a time she was pointing to her body parts: head, eyes, ear, nose, mouth, and suddenly caught my attention when she said, “bless”, referring to her forehead! I just realized that she didn’t know what to call it and instead recall how it is being touched by others. That's creative. :-)
  • She is now counting 1-20 but quite confused with 14 & 15. Also, she can read 0-12 and had another milestone last night after learning to read 13-19. Few more practice and we can start with 20s. :-)
  • We started introducing simple word spelling to her. She can repeat after me and spell most of the short words I point out. Those she had memorized already are D-0-R-A (of course) and O-S-O (one of her new favorite cartoon series). She’s familiar with the spelling of her name R-E-E-S-E but still need more practice to avoid missing the double Es in between.
  • At night before the three of us go to sleep, Reese has developed the habit of requesting for massage. She lay flat on her tummy and calls me or her dad and asked for “masahe, masahe”. Her dad is better than me in granting her requests so I let the two of them bond that way. She’s so funny to watch coz it’s obvious in her facial expression that she likes it.
  • Weird thing about Reese is that she’s afraid of kiddie rides. She just likes watching other kids enjoying it but whenever I attempted to carry her on the ride, she strongly refuses with all her might. Well, I wish she will outgrow this fear pretty soon.
  • Nobody among us taught her this but we were all surprised seeing her pouting her lip whenever she is telling us something she saw or just in the mood to do it. And I think she enjoys seeing us surprised too. Oh well, my little Angelina Jolie! :p
  • Just after her 2nd birthday, Reese is now my biggest competition in using the laptop at home. She has taken over most of the times and I cannot do my own thing. So I ended up with mobile surfing which is too small. Well, the good thing about it is she’s interested to use the computer and wants to do her spelling again! I wonder why she doesn’t get bored with letters and numbers when she knows all of them already. Probably, seeing it in a different form is what excites her.
  • NO is the most common word being uttered by Reese everyday. But one night, I asked her for the first time, “Do you love Mommy?”, and without any pause, she said YES! (happy me) :-)
That's all folks, till next blog...

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

5 Years and Counting!

Imagine, I've been with my current employer for 5 years already?! This is my 4th company since I started working and my longest tenure so far. Last September 10, I and my batch mates participated in the service awards ceremony held in Edsa Shangri-La Hotel. We were lucky this year as the CEO himself presented our awards! I wish I could post our pictures with him here, but I couldn't in respect of his privacy. All I can say is that his presence alone makes a lot of difference! :-)

Below are some snapshots of me and my colleagues.

I don't plan where I want to go (I leave that to God), and I stay where I am happy...

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Catching Up

It's been awhile since my last post. For me to be able to blog, I need two things. First, obviously is TIME, and the second one will be the MOOD to write what I value in life. :-)

To patch up for my long absence here, I'll start my post with the things that transpired during my birthday 2 months ago.

Below photos were taken few minutes before we left the house going to Trinoma. It was a Friday and hubby and I took a day off from work to be together. Reese was in the mood for picture that day which was unusual. The 3rd photo was part of my dreamy things to do, for the 3 of us to wear Converse shoes at one point in time.

Here comes weekend, and hubby was in the mood to do his favorite thing, to cook pasta. So he prepared below dish for me which we called Garlic Sardines Pasta. It was yummy combined with the garlic toast on the side.

Then, the next weekend, we went home to Bulacan and had lunch with my mom and my siblings. My mom prepared pork sinigang sa bayabas! I'm glad she did coz I really miss that dish and haven't had the chance to eat it for several months already.

Lastly, in the office, we had simple merienda together with office friends and co-celebrators Rai & James.

That ends my birthday post. Till next year! :-)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Reese turned 2!

My daughter Reese had her home-based birthday celebration last July 5 (thank God, it was a weekend again). The special guests were our immediate families including Reese’s 6-year-old first cousin, Edlan, her only playmate to date within the family.

The simple gathering from home also included some preparation with it. I took a day off from work to do some chores (dusting and tidying); Had several trips to the mall and bought DIY balloons, banner, party hats, lootbag goodies; Shopped for Reese’s birthday outfit and gave her first ever best-fitting jeans; Surfed for Disney tracks especially Mickey Mouse Clubhouse “Hotdog” song (her favorite); Ordered those cute wooden toys online for our birthday gift to her; And lastly, planned & ordered majority of the food for the afternoon party snack. I did save a lot of time on the last item and reserved my energy to enjoy with Reese on that day. The effortless menu included:
  • Red Ribbon cupcake party cake
  • Goldilocks various pasta
  • Shakey’s grandslam & thin crust pizza
  • Selecta Gold chocolate truffles & hazelnut brownie ice cream (her/my favorite)
  • And of course the customary hotdog bites, fried chicken drumsticks, lumpiang shanghai (c/o Nanay), and barbeque from Bulacan (c/o Lola Tonie)

Gani, together with my sister and her husband setup the balloons. The DIY clown-balloon that I bought was a little bit of a challenge, but they were able to pull it through. For the banner, I took out Reese’s name from last year’s banner and re-use it, good thing it’s made of plastic so it didn’t tear off. The rest o f the preparations were done in a breeze!

At 3pm, we were gathered around the table and sang to Reese the traditional birthday song. And what made the difference compared to last year was that the little girl could sing along with us now. She could really carry a tune. :-) I'll let the pictures below tell the rest of this story...

celebrating with the family

Daddy & Mommy's little presents, wooden toys from Comeandplay Toys

Imagine her saying, "thank you for the party & for the gifts!"

I'm glad that Reese enjoyed and felt more special that day. And I'm looking forward to try something different for her next year.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Playful Reese

Gani arrived home from office and hanged his polo on the chair. Reese was kinda playful that night and took her dad's polo and tried wearing it herself. She was so happy when we let her did that and in turn made her cute pose for this picture.

Here are some of the things I missed to write about her:
  • She can read letters A-Z and numbers 1-9 since she was 20 months old. It's strange to me that she learned this faster than the primary colors.
  • Recognizes shapes in things and food, especially when she's bored. (circle, square, triangle, heart, star, house, sun, house, T) - shapes from shape sorter.
  • Could answer "What's your name?" fluently and use some phrases/sentences correctly.
  • One time when Gani & I arrived home, she came up to each one of us and asked, "Are you okay?", and she repeated it several times. Probably, she learned it that day and just checking if it works. ;-)
  • When she likes me to give her chocolates, she walks straight to the refrigerator and says: "Reese, gusto mo ng chocolate?". She keeps on saying it until I give in to her request, she is so funny! :-)
  • If she didn't find her slippers beside her mat, she says: "Slippers, where slippers, where?
  • When I have to change her clothes, I have to say: "then raise your arms as high as you can", then she'll respond with: "and say.... Blast off!". She learned that from Little Einstein cartoon.
  • Our term for fixing her hair is "parlor, parlor!".
  • She likes repeating the words/phrases being spoken to her and she can pronounce most of the words properly.
  • Her favorite toy nowadays is kitchen/food playset. She got lots of stuff toy but seldom touches them, maybe in time.
  • Her favorite cartoons, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Little Einsteins, and Dora.

I'll be blogging about her 2nd birthday soon...

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

New Toy

Nope, my new toy has nothing to do with the latest gadget in town. I’ve never been fond of buying the latest gadget and wouldn't want to be part of the never-ending quest to always have something better. The latest would always become obsolete for sure! So every time I get something electronic for myself, I asked, “Is this something I am willing to stick with for the next 3 years, no matter what the new technology offers?”

Going back to my sharing, my new toy is just an automatic washing machine from Samsung. I didn't consider this as a necessity before, but in times like this that we don’t have a helper at home, I really need to have it. Of course, nothing beats the traditional hand washing especially for our favorite clothes but got no choice but to trust the delicate function of this machine. I had actually chosen between this machine and our former laundry woman but decided on the machine due to the inconsistency in cleanliness of the latter. Less headaches for me I guess. If the machine fails, it wouldn't affect me much rather than paying somebody who doesn’t deliver consistent results.

I’ve been using this toy for 2 weeks now, and so far it does serve its purpose. Most of our clothes came out clean although some needed soaking. It doesn’t consume too much energy at 330W compared to the regular washing machines. But I still need to find out how much it will add to our electric bill. As for water consumption, I think it is fairly okay. The more important thing is that I can do other things and focus less on this chore. :-)

Friday, May 15, 2009

Road Trip to Tali Beach

I consider this summer to have the most frequent beach/resort get-aways for me. I’ve been to my fourth last May 9-10 in Tali Beach together with my office friends. We rented a van and left at past 7 am from Ortigas and arrived in Nasugbu before 12 noon.

The place is a rest house with 5 bedrooms, furnished kitchen, dining & living areas and swimming pool. The nearby beach is walking distance from the house we stayed in.

The girls cooked lunch, dinner, snack & breakfast up to the next day. As for the guys, they pretended to be doing something! (I mean they helped wash the dishes twice). Everybody found their own little comfort zones during that day. Some enjoyed cooking, playing cards (at any chance they have including the ride going home), swimming, sleeping and playing PSP. But of course, we were all gathered together during meal times and the morning splash by the beach.

Here are some snapshots:

and of course, the washers!

I enjoyed spending time with my office friends, doing the ordinary things like cooking and getting to know them personally. And hopefully, there will be another off-site get together next year. :-)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Swimming Party for Mama

Can you imagine how you would look like when you turned 83? Well, my grandmother still looks way younger than her age. And to celebrate the bonus years Mama Tonie received from God, we had a swimming party last May 1 at DJ Paradise Resort in Bulacan. My mom organized the party in 1 week. She inquired at the resort, checked on which area has wave pool (for Reese) and ensure that outside food will be allowed. She made sure that this day will be memorable for Mama.

To Mama Tonie, may God continue to bless you with good health and happiness. More years to come!