Monday, January 19, 2009

Going Back to The Fort

As I promised to myself, I’m going back to The Fort. And so we went to Market-Market last Saturday for the first time (shyness)! I did like the place except for the lights, for me it was quite so dim. We had lunch in Mannang, and then headed to the playground in front of the mall. Reese had a blast! She can’t get enough of it and was running and going up and down the stairs. I was very happy to see that she enjoyed it.

Afterwards, we went to Bonifacio High Street as suggested by Gani. The place was flat, and shops’ layouts were like the outlet stores in the US. It was kind of a place for the rich. You’ll see a lot of them there walking around with their beloved dogs. I just wonder why they are allowing so many dogs to be there…it just got scary when little kids were also around. Oh well, needless to say, I didn’t have expensive dog to show so I am not rich! Hahaha!!!

Overall, it was a nice place. I’ve got to see things that I don’t usually encounter from my regular mall visits (at least 3 times per week). Like nicely designed water fountains and landscapes. Also, I liked the kiosk of food from different provinces like Bicol, Bulacan, etc. I was able to buy pili nuts and kesong puti there. I can’t wait for my next visit and to explore shopping finds in Market-Market. But I have to wait 2 more months for that to happen...

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