Friday, January 23, 2009

Rice Cooker Saved Me!

I was able to borrow a rice cooker from my colleague here in the US and finally got the chance to cook rice! My dinner last night was my left over steak from Houlihan's and steamed rice. Then this morning, I experimented with the rice cooker and found out that it can fry food! That means, I’ll be able to sautee something here. And here is what I got so far:

This definitely looks so simple but this will save me from feeling down without having means to cook on my own. These franks don’t taste really good but for all I care is that the way I cooked it is very much better than microwave cooking. So happy to have done it!

After the successful frank frying, here are some more dishes I was able to cook with the ever reliable rice cooker. (excluding the sardines I sauteed) ;-)

chicken adobo

chicken tinola

chicken afritada with broccoli

corned beef, with broccoli again

beef bulalo with young corn & broccoli

salmon in tomato sauce with baby spinach

For recipes, just leave your comment on this post.


  1. Tinanong ko si Susan last week, hindi daw nya natikman ang rice cooker recipes mo. =)

  2. hi, can i have your chicken adobo recipe? :)

  3. Great! I've been looking for somehthing like this since yesterday. First time ko magboarding house ang all I have is rice cooker. Now, I can eat lutong bahay na with my skills. Hahaha! Thankss for this.