Monday, February 23, 2009

Journey to Mass

I finally got the chance to go to mass today. Thank God, the cab driver agreed driving for me in this short distance. If only the weather is not negative Celsius, I could have walked myself. But as weeks passed by, it didn’t happen so I decided to find other ways of getting to St. Hubert Catholic Community.

The mass was scheduled at 10:30 am and I arrived 30 minutes earlier. Upon entering the place, I was expecting to see the Altar first. But instead , what I first saw was the lobby with some people waiting there, then at the rigth side was a break room with free coffee and donuts courtesy of the sponsor for the week. (I almost thought I was not at the right place. I didn’t really expect the place to be that way, and to be so beautiful). So I kept on walking to find the Altar, then I saw the coat room intended for the winter coats and jackets of church goers. Further to the left side was an indoor basketball gym. Then finally, the Altar, which was at the right side before the gym.

There were 2 presiding priests during the mass. The ceremony was almost exactly the same in the Philippines, except for some prolong kneeling everytime the Holy Host was raised and after the Communion.

Experiencing the place, I couldn’t help myself wishing to have this kind of place for worship in the Philippines…but I know that what is more important is to make our hearts prepared to worship Him.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Back to the Basics

Yesterday, I’ve been to the narrowest dine-in restaurant in Minneapolis , Al’s breakfast. We arrived at 10 am and saw people lined up outside the restaurant in the midst of flurries and cold temperature of -13C! The food must be damn delicious! (I heard myself screaming from the top of my head). People were just there waiting patiently and chatting. As for me, good thing my mobile phone sniffed Wi-fi somewhere so I was able to surf a bit while waiting. It took almost 2 hours for us to get sitted in one of the (only) 14 stools they have inside.

I’ve ordered buttermilk pancakes, 2 sunny side up, hash brown and coffee. The moist pancakes were delicious and must be eaten with syrup, otherwise, it doesn’t have any flavor in it, unlike the local pancakes in Manila. Hash browns there were made very traditional and I do like them compared to the ones served in Mc Donalds.

Unfortunately, I don’t have pictures of the food to share here. I got excited to eat after waiting for so long. But anyway, here are some photos taken while we’re in the line.

Click to play Al's Breakfast

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The weird thing is that, the restaurant owner didn’t want to renovate the place despite of so many customers coming in. Probably, it’s part of the strategy, to keep things simple and to make people experience how it feels to go back to the basics.

After our breakfast eaten during lunch time, I was back to Mall of America to do my exercise in the form of walking almost endlessly in the mall. It seems to me that it is the only thing to do whenever I get tired of thinking and taking care of my own needs. Wish to be home soon…

Saturday, February 14, 2009

My Happy Food

Being away from home, these are my so called "happy food" (& drink) 'coz everytime I have them, it just feels good. Yummy! :-)

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Growing and Learning

Reese turned 19 months old yesterday. And every morning and night I watch her via webcam to see how she’s doing like what is shown in this picture.

It was just 3 weeks ago when I left and I am so happy that in that short span of time, a lot of things are added to her learning like...

  • Counting 1-10 but this time much faster that when we were talking over the phone, I suddenly asked, “Who’s counting?” (I just couldn’t believe it). And now, she started counting 1-15, and intentionally excluding “eleven” as she cannot pronounce it properly.

  • The alphabet, she’s starting to become more cooperative and is learning the alphabet thru Brainy Baby book (from Ninang Joyce) and DVD. Tita Beth is patiently teaching her and now she can recognize most of the alphabet letters, but not yet all. She sometimes try to read them from different direction and would read “W” as “M”. Her favorite words now: apple, dog, kitten, cat, acorn, ant, ice cream, rabbit and so on… I heard her saying these words during our calls and that was fantastic! Makes me forget how sick and tired I am of the weather here.

  • Shapes, she never said any word about shape before. Now she knows circle and triangle.

Oh well, bear with me. Just listing the simple joys of a mom like me… :-)

Monday, February 2, 2009

Brave Me

Since yesterday, the weather is pretty nice. During my 2 weeks stay, this is the best so far and the only time that the temperature is positive Celsius. This afternoon, I bravely went outside knowing that it will be 1C between 2-3pm.

So here I am at Starbucks, drafting this blog entry. They don't have free Wi-fi here as I thought... And I am not willing to spend $5 for it on top of my grande cafe mocha and China made Starbucks mug. Oh well, same in Manila were you rarely get free Wi-fi.

I've got to go now, it might get colder outside and I still have to walk back to the hotel. You'll know I got back safely when this entry is posted. Catch up later.

NBA Experience

Got these free tickets from the company and did watch the game last Friday. Game wasn't so exciting, it was a mismatch in favor of the Lakers.

Me at Target Center stadium

I tried to get a good shot of Kobe and here's what I got taking mobile pic from our seat... (see the red eclipse, if that helps...)

It became more interesting to watch the in between time-out shows and the best part was the slam dunk exhibitions! They were awesome!

slam dunk exhibition

this guy gives free shirt for a fastastic shot