Saturday, February 7, 2009

Growing and Learning

Reese turned 19 months old yesterday. And every morning and night I watch her via webcam to see how she’s doing like what is shown in this picture.

It was just 3 weeks ago when I left and I am so happy that in that short span of time, a lot of things are added to her learning like...

  • Counting 1-10 but this time much faster that when we were talking over the phone, I suddenly asked, “Who’s counting?” (I just couldn’t believe it). And now, she started counting 1-15, and intentionally excluding “eleven” as she cannot pronounce it properly.

  • The alphabet, she’s starting to become more cooperative and is learning the alphabet thru Brainy Baby book (from Ninang Joyce) and DVD. Tita Beth is patiently teaching her and now she can recognize most of the alphabet letters, but not yet all. She sometimes try to read them from different direction and would read “W” as “M”. Her favorite words now: apple, dog, kitten, cat, acorn, ant, ice cream, rabbit and so on… I heard her saying these words during our calls and that was fantastic! Makes me forget how sick and tired I am of the weather here.

  • Shapes, she never said any word about shape before. Now she knows circle and triangle.

Oh well, bear with me. Just listing the simple joys of a mom like me… :-)

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