Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Finally Home

I arrived in Manila almost midnight of Sunday. Gani picked me up from the airport. It was very crowded and stressful; the waiting area was just too small for everybody.

Good thing that was over and I was finally home. I quickly went upstairs to check on Reese. She was fast asleep. Looking at her, I've noticed that she became taller and she now have longer hair.

Gani and I brought her to our bedroom to sleep with us. Few minutes after laying her on the bed, she woke up, stared at me and smiled. She knew it was her mom. Then she started talking and she played with me for almost half an hour before we sleep. I felt very happy. It was as if I was not out for two months. Nothing changed, she still loves me more than ever and with that, I couldn’t ask for more. :-)

Saturday, March 14, 2009

I'm Going Home

This time I felt I get swamped with so many things to do at work and thinking about how to best deal with all that I have on my plate. There were so many things happened in the past two months in our Manila office and same here in Chanhassen. Some were good news but there were some that I wish that it never happened.

With just few days left here in Minnesota and experiencing wintry mix (snow and rain) weather I got a bad cough and cold and just this morning, I completely lost my voice. It seems like my body is telling me that I already pushed myself hard and I need to rest. I admit I don’t take much rest here, even on weekends. I kept myself busy walking inside malls as I couldn’t stand being here in the hotel all day and get bored.

I just finished packing all my things for my flight tomorrow. And now, I realized that I got so many things accumulated from my 2 months stay. All my luggage were expanded to their maximum capacity, full of those things I got for Reese, Gani, myself and loved ones. I did find the best deals I could, but I know I went over budget this time. But it doesn’t change the fact that I like giving nice things to my family. I now have a long supply of things that I usually buy.

To make myself become more aware of sticking to the budget that I set, I have to make up for it by doing this commitment online: I, WILL NOT SHOP for anything that I don’t really need until December 2009. The only exception will be if I have to attend any occasion that requires a dress code. I’ve read somewhere that when you do a public commitment, it gives you stronger will to keep the promise knowing that other people know about it. With that, so be it.

Escape to Chicago Suburb

Four years ago, I earned more than 25,000 miles from previous travel to the US. I recently claimed my miles and got my round trip ticket from Minneapolis to Chicago O’Hare for only $5! (sweet!) The trick was I booked my flight more than 21 days ahead and I was able to avoid paying the “awarding fee” of additional $75.

And so, I was back to Chicago suburb last weekend and I spent time catching up with my aunties and cousins there. It was so good to see them again and to have escaped from work for awhile. A lot of things changed since the last time I visited them. They transferred to a new house, my aunt Laurie got married, Julia is now a young lady, Aeriel who was 3 weeks old when I first saw her is now 4, and grandma Zeny got 3 more grandchildren.

The weather was beautiful on my first day and I was able to walk around and experience the place much closer. Wal-Mart was just walking distance from their place and nice shops and restaurants were just few minutes drive.

We are supposed to go to the outlet store which was just 5 minute drive away (!), but unfortunately it rained on the second day. Looks like it was a sign for me not to shop! I was keeping in mind that I’ll be charge a minimum of $15 fee for check-in baggage on domestic flights in the US so I’d rather not carry too much. I ended up just buying a cheap duffle bag and Timex digital alarm clock from Wal-Mart. The rest of my carry on luggage space was allocated for vitamin bottles and nice blouses that I was asked to bring back to Manila.

To grandma Zeny and family, thanks for the warm welcome and great food. Till my next visit. :-)