Saturday, March 14, 2009

Escape to Chicago Suburb

Four years ago, I earned more than 25,000 miles from previous travel to the US. I recently claimed my miles and got my round trip ticket from Minneapolis to Chicago O’Hare for only $5! (sweet!) The trick was I booked my flight more than 21 days ahead and I was able to avoid paying the “awarding fee” of additional $75.

And so, I was back to Chicago suburb last weekend and I spent time catching up with my aunties and cousins there. It was so good to see them again and to have escaped from work for awhile. A lot of things changed since the last time I visited them. They transferred to a new house, my aunt Laurie got married, Julia is now a young lady, Aeriel who was 3 weeks old when I first saw her is now 4, and grandma Zeny got 3 more grandchildren.

The weather was beautiful on my first day and I was able to walk around and experience the place much closer. Wal-Mart was just walking distance from their place and nice shops and restaurants were just few minutes drive.

We are supposed to go to the outlet store which was just 5 minute drive away (!), but unfortunately it rained on the second day. Looks like it was a sign for me not to shop! I was keeping in mind that I’ll be charge a minimum of $15 fee for check-in baggage on domestic flights in the US so I’d rather not carry too much. I ended up just buying a cheap duffle bag and Timex digital alarm clock from Wal-Mart. The rest of my carry on luggage space was allocated for vitamin bottles and nice blouses that I was asked to bring back to Manila.

To grandma Zeny and family, thanks for the warm welcome and great food. Till my next visit. :-)

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