Tuesday, April 14, 2009

New Look

With so much time in our hands during the Holy Week, Gani was able to find me a nice website for blogger templates. I've chosen this new look for a change and Gani did all the setup. I've been wanting to have something like this for the longest time, and now, all I have to do is add more nice widgets to it. Big thanks to my pangga! :-)

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Simple Rewards

Various credit cards have different rewards. I personally enjoy using BPI credit card because aside from the points earned from purchases, they do have promos with food establishment. For every 1000 pesos single receipt purchase, credit card users can claim 1 free food item from the sponsor. You can claim as many as 3-4 food items in 1 transaction depending on the establishment.

In our case, we obtain those credit card receipts from our regular grocery shopping for food, milk, diapers etc. We usually request the cashier to do multiple transactions for us if our purchase is over 1000 to get more credit card slips that will be converted to freebies.

For this period, the sponsor is Goldilocks. Gani and I were in Trinoma last weekend and had our snack of course at Goldilocks. We had palabok, puto, dinuguan and 2 sago’t gulaman. And using our receipts, we only paid 14 pesos for everything! This is what I call instant little rewards! No hassle and no forms needed. :-)

Disclaimer: I am not an employee of BPI and do not intend to promote any of their services. If you find anything that can be claimed instantly from using credit cards (hassle-free), then, I am encouraging you to share it! I am after those freebies if they don’t require me to spend more than what I am supposed to.

Summer Kick-Off at Club Manila East

We want to kick start the summer vacation mood and also to test if Reese will enjoy the pool. So without too much planning and research throught the web, we packed our things last Friday night and went to Club Manila East the next morning.

swimsuit fitting the night before

It took 45 minutes drive from Manila to the resort. We arrived there before 9 am and a lot of people were there already. Being the family representative, I waited for half an hour in line to the cashier. What caused the long wait was the manual process and some people kept on changing their minds before actually paying fees. Entrace fee per head was based on the accomodation (cottage, tent, room) that the guest would avail. In our case, I chose the cheapest option, the Picnic (tent) type which cost 310 pesos per head for 3 adults. Good thing Reese had no entrance fee yet since she’s less than 3 ft tall.

Inside the resort, the Picnic (tent) was just in front of the Beach Waves pool thus it made easier for us to take turns swimming and looking after our belongings. The place was huge and has various pools for different ages. The resort also has kayaks and floaters that can be used for free. We spent most of our time in the Beach Waves pool since Reese enjoyed it more than the other pools they have.

Outside food was not allowed but it was not a problem at all since the resort has a variety of food chains inside like Jollibee, Chowking and Shakey’s among others. I think it was a good idea not to be bothered with bringing food for swimming get-together to focus more on relaxing and bonding with the family.

Gani & Reese meet Jollibee

It was the first time for Reese to dip into the pool and she enjoyed it very much especially the wave pool. And based from this experience, it will be best to go to the resort much earlier to enjoy cleaner water just like in any other resort. Also, it was my first time to experience the traffic in that area and it took 75 minutes drive going back to our place. Traffic remains inevitable!