Friday, May 15, 2009

Road Trip to Tali Beach

I consider this summer to have the most frequent beach/resort get-aways for me. I’ve been to my fourth last May 9-10 in Tali Beach together with my office friends. We rented a van and left at past 7 am from Ortigas and arrived in Nasugbu before 12 noon.

The place is a rest house with 5 bedrooms, furnished kitchen, dining & living areas and swimming pool. The nearby beach is walking distance from the house we stayed in.

The girls cooked lunch, dinner, snack & breakfast up to the next day. As for the guys, they pretended to be doing something! (I mean they helped wash the dishes twice). Everybody found their own little comfort zones during that day. Some enjoyed cooking, playing cards (at any chance they have including the ride going home), swimming, sleeping and playing PSP. But of course, we were all gathered together during meal times and the morning splash by the beach.

Here are some snapshots:

and of course, the washers!

I enjoyed spending time with my office friends, doing the ordinary things like cooking and getting to know them personally. And hopefully, there will be another off-site get together next year. :-)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Swimming Party for Mama

Can you imagine how you would look like when you turned 83? Well, my grandmother still looks way younger than her age. And to celebrate the bonus years Mama Tonie received from God, we had a swimming party last May 1 at DJ Paradise Resort in Bulacan. My mom organized the party in 1 week. She inquired at the resort, checked on which area has wave pool (for Reese) and ensure that outside food will be allowed. She made sure that this day will be memorable for Mama.

To Mama Tonie, may God continue to bless you with good health and happiness. More years to come!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

3rd Anniversary

We usually pick our own travel itinerary for vacation but opted to try something pre-arranged for this year. Gani’s officemate won a package tour for 2 to Bohol and sold it to us by less than half of the actual cost. (sweet!) The package included a round trip ticket to Tagbilaran with hotel transfer; 3 days / 2 nights accommodation in Panglao Island Nature Resort & Spa with buffet breakfast & dinner; and a day tour to Bohol’s finest destinations.

Taking advantage of the sweet deal, Gani & I headed to Bohol last weekend and spent time together for our early 3rd Anniversary celebration. It’s a month earlier than the actual date due to our previous experience of having a rainy/stormy vacation on the month of May. Below were the vacation highlights:

• Enjoyed swimming in the clear water during high tide from 8-11 am. The powdery sand was so nice to the feet. The little islet in the resort have many fish behind it that serves like a little snorkeling area.
• Buffet breakfast and dinner were awesome and most of the food we tried were delectable. I definitely ate more than I used to during our stay.
• Relaxed with nature’s fresh air, green surroundings and the Filipino-inspired ambiance. We also went to the cave inside the resort called Cambagat.

• Got the chance to ride a mechanical bike after so many years. Fun to experience once again that balancing comes out naturally.

• With the Bohol day tour, we felt like it was an exclusive tour and didn’t expect that it was only the 2 of us with the tour guide himself. The good side was that time was in our hands and we didn’t need to wait for anybody. We experienced traveling in zigzag road with 70-90 kph speed! And even we’re speeding, it took us 2 hours to reach the Chocolate Hills (one way). Another part that I liked was the Loboc River cruise with free lunch. It only lasted for 1 hour and I still wanted more. Other places we went to were the more than century old Baclayon Church, man-made forest, Raja Sikatuna’s shrine and of course, meet up with the Tarsiers. Although tarsiers were not supposed to be touched to avoid stressing them, I pitied the tarsiers coz instead of taking the usual rest during day time, they got no choice but to be awake due to people like us who like to see them.

• On our last night, we had an hour of “Simply Relaxation” massage. I don’t get regular massage and so far, it was the best that I’ve tried.

All we did there was to unwind and enjoy the simple perks from this vacation. We’re like expectators moving from one place to another. And both of us agreed, this is the type of vacation we surely prefer.