Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Reese turned 2!

My daughter Reese had her home-based birthday celebration last July 5 (thank God, it was a weekend again). The special guests were our immediate families including Reese’s 6-year-old first cousin, Edlan, her only playmate to date within the family.

The simple gathering from home also included some preparation with it. I took a day off from work to do some chores (dusting and tidying); Had several trips to the mall and bought DIY balloons, banner, party hats, lootbag goodies; Shopped for Reese’s birthday outfit and gave her first ever best-fitting jeans; Surfed for Disney tracks especially Mickey Mouse Clubhouse “Hotdog” song (her favorite); Ordered those cute wooden toys online for our birthday gift to her; And lastly, planned & ordered majority of the food for the afternoon party snack. I did save a lot of time on the last item and reserved my energy to enjoy with Reese on that day. The effortless menu included:
  • Red Ribbon cupcake party cake
  • Goldilocks various pasta
  • Shakey’s grandslam & thin crust pizza
  • Selecta Gold chocolate truffles & hazelnut brownie ice cream (her/my favorite)
  • And of course the customary hotdog bites, fried chicken drumsticks, lumpiang shanghai (c/o Nanay), and barbeque from Bulacan (c/o Lola Tonie)

Gani, together with my sister and her husband setup the balloons. The DIY clown-balloon that I bought was a little bit of a challenge, but they were able to pull it through. For the banner, I took out Reese’s name from last year’s banner and re-use it, good thing it’s made of plastic so it didn’t tear off. The rest o f the preparations were done in a breeze!

At 3pm, we were gathered around the table and sang to Reese the traditional birthday song. And what made the difference compared to last year was that the little girl could sing along with us now. She could really carry a tune. :-) I'll let the pictures below tell the rest of this story...

celebrating with the family

Daddy & Mommy's little presents, wooden toys from Comeandplay Toys

Imagine her saying, "thank you for the party & for the gifts!"

I'm glad that Reese enjoyed and felt more special that day. And I'm looking forward to try something different for her next year.

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