Thursday, September 24, 2009

How is Reese?

Reese is now 26 months old, 93 cms tall and weighs 14.6 kg. Good thing she’s not yet so heavy 'coz I’m afraid that I won’t be able to carry her that much considering that I have scoliosis.

At present, these are the things that I like so much about her:
  • Reese likes to sing-along with almost any tune she likes. Our favorite song nowadays is “Part of Your World” from Little Mermaid. She also knows some current hits like “Mad”, “Poker Face”, “I Gotta Feeling” and some OPM songs like “Torete”, “Sulat” and other fun songs from a noon time show. I’m glad that she can appreciate good music and able to carry a tune.
  • Refers to herself as Dora, and sometimes calls her dad “Diego” when she makes fun of him.
  • There was a time she was pointing to her body parts: head, eyes, ear, nose, mouth, and suddenly caught my attention when she said, “bless”, referring to her forehead! I just realized that she didn’t know what to call it and instead recall how it is being touched by others. That's creative. :-)
  • She is now counting 1-20 but quite confused with 14 & 15. Also, she can read 0-12 and had another milestone last night after learning to read 13-19. Few more practice and we can start with 20s. :-)
  • We started introducing simple word spelling to her. She can repeat after me and spell most of the short words I point out. Those she had memorized already are D-0-R-A (of course) and O-S-O (one of her new favorite cartoon series). She’s familiar with the spelling of her name R-E-E-S-E but still need more practice to avoid missing the double Es in between.
  • At night before the three of us go to sleep, Reese has developed the habit of requesting for massage. She lay flat on her tummy and calls me or her dad and asked for “masahe, masahe”. Her dad is better than me in granting her requests so I let the two of them bond that way. She’s so funny to watch coz it’s obvious in her facial expression that she likes it.
  • Weird thing about Reese is that she’s afraid of kiddie rides. She just likes watching other kids enjoying it but whenever I attempted to carry her on the ride, she strongly refuses with all her might. Well, I wish she will outgrow this fear pretty soon.
  • Nobody among us taught her this but we were all surprised seeing her pouting her lip whenever she is telling us something she saw or just in the mood to do it. And I think she enjoys seeing us surprised too. Oh well, my little Angelina Jolie! :p
  • Just after her 2nd birthday, Reese is now my biggest competition in using the laptop at home. She has taken over most of the times and I cannot do my own thing. So I ended up with mobile surfing which is too small. Well, the good thing about it is she’s interested to use the computer and wants to do her spelling again! I wonder why she doesn’t get bored with letters and numbers when she knows all of them already. Probably, seeing it in a different form is what excites her.
  • NO is the most common word being uttered by Reese everyday. But one night, I asked her for the first time, “Do you love Mommy?”, and without any pause, she said YES! (happy me) :-)
That's all folks, till next blog...


  1. reese is the best daughter in the whole wide world :)

  2. She's so smart! mana sa ninang? hehehe. =)