Thursday, October 29, 2009

Now It's Ours

Next to having a happy family life, our biggest dream is having our own house. It doesn’t have to be huge nor lavish, just a place that we can be comfortable with and which we can call our home.

For more than 3 years, we have rented 2 apartments in Sta. Mesa, both of which we had wished to be sold to us by its respective owners but none of it we chance to acquire. Until typhoon Ondoy came and those hopes and wishes were all gone. Thank God, we didn’t rush offering the owner to purchase their house. I could imagine how regretful that can be knowing that we saved hard earned money for it.

Right after the typhoon, when things were just 50% back to normal, Gani and I spent late night hours searching the web for a house. The pressure to find a new place to stay was just enormous since we have experienced the biggest flooding in Metro Manila. The weather nowadays is like a nightmare, that every time it rains, everybody get anxious. Houses that didn’t have flooding for years were sank in water. Finally, an office friend of Gani recommended a place in San Juan that is sure to be flood-free. We didn’t get the chance to explore San Juan before 'coz subconsciously, we fell in love with Sta. Mesa. (Funny, but true! we got so used to the surroundings and accessibility of the place and also, we wanted to stay close to my in-laws.)

So we’ve visited the place some three weeks ago, thought about it, searched other possibilities and weighed our options. Then, have seriously considered the place but almost lost the deal 10 days ago. And just last week, we have closed the deal with the seller! She handed us the key and now it’s ours! We’re now free to do whatever we want with it and we're moving next month! :-)

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