Friday, December 11, 2009

Miura Hydroculture Plants - updated

I came across these mini hydroculture plants in Megamall and I instantly fell in love with them! Aren’t they so pretty including their pots?! I’ve collected five of these in the span of one week! I don’t know… but I feel so happy seeing them and it seems like I’m kinda hooked to these plants.

I placed four of them into this wooden house-like piece I found at home.

While the fifth plant landed on top of our fridge to complement the wooden fish behind it.

These mini-plants are soil-less and are easy to maintain. No need to neither wash any jelly nor replace anything. The routine is just to water them 2-3 times a week. Their main purpose is for indoor use and sunlight is not recommended at all. So far, they are green and alive. I really hope that they will last for long.

I’m done with the house mini-plants for now, (I’m still itching to get a maxi plant for one corner of the house and that’s more costly). And my quest won’t be over yet until I got my mini-plant/s for my office cube. Also, I plan to give one of these to five of my “girl” friends as Christmas present and I hope they’ll like it (sshhhh…).

Already found these for my office cube. Just loving it! :-)

Update 2 (Mar 8, 2010)
I already got 10 mini plants... but 4 of them dried up already.  First one is the plant in the white pot (like alovera), probably due to overwatering.  Second is the plant in the orange-black pot (with red & green leaves), it requires more water than the rest and probably dried up due to lack of bright indirect light.  Third & fourth is the plant in the pink pot, I have two of these, one in the office and the other one at home.  The one in the office dried due to overwatering, but the one I had at home, I simply don't know.  I am sure I didn't overwater and that there was enough light.

I observed that the plants grow better in the office due to the consistent bright indirect light and cold temperature.  This goes true with my money plants that I setup in the office and at home.  Now,  even if I am tempted to try other plants at home, I think I'd rather not for now i might go for it next time I found a cute one. :-)

Update (Sep 15, 2010)
It's been a month already since the last miura plant at home finally gave up.   Thus, the next time I passed by the store, I decided to get a new plant and found this cutie...

sanseveria honey
And below are what I currently have in the office.  The one in pink pot is already 9 months old while the money tree is roughly 6 months.

fittonia verschafelttii-white & pachira aquatica (money tree)

Update (Sep 24, 2010)
Check out my newest plant here


  1. Where in Megamall?

  2. Nice article. :) I had the money tree at home and the leaves were eaten by cockroaches, I was really disappointed that time and moved the plant to another location. fortunately, it's growing new leaves now. I noticed that its very sensitive and the branches easily break. now, the plant dont have leaves at all but I know it is still alive and keep watering it.
    I'm planning to buy a new set of these plants and hopefully I get to take care of it correctly. goodluck to our chosen endeavors!

  3. Thanks for your comment Anonymous :-)
    Btw, did you know that they already have a flowering plant at Miura? Yes, they do! They now have anthurium! I'm itching to get one for my office cube, but they changed the pot, and I'm still waiting to get the black square pot i saw few months ago. We'll see.

  4. Hi Ros

    how old is your oldest plant/s there?

    liek Anonymous, i also plan to buy a money tree (or 2) and place it on my bedroom window.

    i'm wondering:
    1) is the morning sun is just enough sunlight for them or will it be too much?

    2) i noticed that the money trees are raised in a bonsai-like manner with a thick main stem (or trunk). do these grow bigger with time amd i need to tie them up in a bonsai-like fashion?



  5. Hi TIA,
    As of this writing, the only plant that is living from the first batch is the one in the green plastic pot (white & green leaves) and it stays in my office cube. At home, everything dried up, the spiky plant being the last having each of its spikes dried one at a time. I recently bought a new miura plant called sanseveria honey and it's lovely! Let's see how long this one would last. Btw, here's the link to the Miura site:

    As for the Money tree, I gave 5 of it to my friends last December, 3 of them I got to see since we're in the same office and all of their plants are alive and thriving. It's not like bonsai that you need to tie up, the trunks are not really growing but instead, new leaves just pop out to replace the old ones. My money plant at home dried up... but in the office, it's okay due to the cold temperature and indirect light. Based on miura's care tips, the plant should not be exposed to direct sunlight but should not be kept in dark places as well.

  6. nice, i got one here in my workstation...

    thanks for sharing.. ^_^