Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Move

Taking advantage of the long-weekend, we finally made our move to San Juan last Nov 28. The movers arrived at 1 pm, an hour earlier than the target. I wasn’t prepared yet and needed to take a bath after massive exposure to dust! So we had them wait for half an hour outside before we let them in and load our stuff to the truck.

Gani supervised the loading in the truck while Len-len was the onlooker at the second floor and I took care of the ground floor. It was quite smooth and the movers were professional. They knew exactly what needs to be done and more importantly, they took care of our belongings and made sure that nothing was lost nor damaged. Our things were brought from Sta. Mesa to San Juan then to Sta. Mesa again (in-law’s house). We availed round trip service since the house we got is semi-furnished. Need to let go of other furnitures that we won’t be using and had loved ones find use for them.

So after the movers left San Juan for their last trip, all that was left were boxes, boxes and boxes everywhere! Even if it was our 2nd time to move, I know I won’t ever get used to the amount of time & effort needed to get everything organized. Our remaining energies were spent unpacking the necessities first, all related to food & clothing. The rest were taken care of during the next few days. Up to this writing, we still have some boxes to unpack and other stuff I want to place in storage cabinets.

But have you ever wonder where Reese was during those days? She was with her Lola and slept in their house for a couple of nights to give us more time and flexibility to pack and unpack our things. We just had her back 3 nights after the move (yeah… so sad but got no choice). Hearing her laughs and talks again are my rewards for all those hectic and tiring days! We are all together now to experience and enjoy our new environment. Another BIG leap in our lives…thanks to Ondoy… and above all, thank God for all His timely answers to our prayers.

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