Friday, January 22, 2010

Playhouse Disney Magazine - First Issue

Last week after my check-up in Megaclinic for my bad cough, I passed by Watsons to buy the prescribed antihistamine when I saw this very first issue of the Playhouse Disney magazine. There were only 2 copies left so I immediately grabbed one. I knew it! Reese would instantly like it just seeing those characters on the cover. The mag contains lots of activities for preschools and it has a theme for the month which is food.

Now, all of us have our own favorite magazine: Top Gear for Gani, Real Living for me and Playhouse Disney for Reese. It will surely be fun to have something new to read, explore and share each month. Have a nice weekend everyone!

Update:  Got the February issue a couple of days ago and I would definitely grab one every month.  It is just so worth it!

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