Friday, May 21, 2010

4th Anniversary Special

Yesterday was our anniversary, and for a change we didn’t ride a plane this time. Gani took his leave from office, drove the car so early to beat Thursday’s coding and had his passport renewed in DFA Manila. As for me, I didn’t want to wake up so early just to have a good ride to work so I commuted on my own that day. Not so sweet, isn’t? Haha!

Well, I really didn’t do any planning for this year as I was trying to counter flow the major purchases (house & car) we had for the past 7 months. Although 2 weeks ago, Gani already came up with his plan and would like us to have dinner on the exact date and drive somewhere for our weekend getaway. I got no clue on the place/s we would go to, all I know is we are going somewhere to celebrate.

So after work yesterday, I headed out to Megamall for our dinner date (still clueless since he didn’t want to give me any hint). Car coding scheme would still expire in an hour so we used the time to grab some essentials for Reese and treat ourselves to a free Starbucks coffee. 

When time elapsed, we went to the parking and to our surprise, (and this is rare for us), a very nice white MINI Cooper was at the side of HR (habanero red, our car). So cool! I haven’t thought that I’ll see this one in Megamall.

Then, on our way to the undisclosed dinner place (looks like Makati), I’ve seen around 3 MINI Coopers on the road, and they came in whites & blue. Fascinating! Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to take pictures of them since it was too dark outside and we were constantly moving.

We finally reached our destination and dined at “Felix” in Greenbelt 5, nice place! We had baked oysters for appetizer and for main course, I had baby back ribs with yellow rice & broccoli while Gani had lamb chops with fresh salad. Overall, my food was good, but the lamb chops were just okay. Both of us were not a big fan of oysters really and just gave it a try.  Anyways, being together and dating like the old times is what made our celebration special. (cheesey!)

Any presents?  Well, while I was drooling over the MINI cooper, hubby handed me his present, a nice bag from NW (he knew I won’t really buy it for myself). While my gift for him (which I gave 2 weeks ago) landed on his wrist and he likes it too, as in he wears it 7 days a week.

Up to this writing, I’ve got no clue yet on where we will spend the weekend. We’ll pack our things later tonight while Reese is with her Lola right now having her own vacation break. Be back online in the next few days. :-)

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