Thursday, May 27, 2010

Tagaytay It Is!

Our anniversary weekend special was spent in Tagaytay. It was sooo high time to go there knowing that we’re hitting 37.5C here in Manila! Tagaytay was not as cool as it used to be due to the El Niño phenomenon but the weather was still far better than the city.

It was my first time to go there again after years. We stayed in Taal Vista hotel and luckily got a free upgrade to a fancy room at the 2nd floor with balcony facing the Taal volcano. Gani likes the room so much and dreaming to have it back home.

Stationary bike, I like!

We mostly did sight-seeing of Tagaytay, relaxed and dined to our heart’s delight. The best fine dining we have been to so far be at…Antonio’s. We went there for dinner and got a bit scared since the place was quite far from the main road and there was not much street light along the way. Good thing we didn’t give up and braved ourselves to go there ‘coz it was all worth it. The place was like an old mansion with a wonderful garden and the staffs were on driver and nanny uniforms just like in a typical old-rich house. The food was great, although I don’t remember exactly the name of what I ordered, but it was a combination of seared large shrimps, scallops, cod fish, etc on top of a cheese filled baked crust. It was so yummy! Of course, Gani didn’t lose hope and ordered his standard lamb chops, but this time it was more than what he was expecting and kept raving about it for hours! Haha!

And did I mention that Sam Milby was also there?! He was having dinner with a beautiful lady. I wish we could have had some photo opp, but I was too shy to do so. The place was really intimidating you know. :p

Another highlight for me was the discovery of a new “pasalubong” stopover called Rowena’s. Unlike Collette’s which are all over Tagaytay, I think they only have one branch there. We saw cars lined up in front of their store so we decided to pull over to check it out. Inside were panic-inflicted shoppers who were all grabbing everything they could handle! I immediately caught the attention of the “tindera” and ordered 3 buko pies for home. I was about to buy my favorite “pastillas de leche” too, but I was seconds late before it ran out. :-(  The buko pie tastes good too and I hope to be back there next time.

Lastly, I was happy to be able to buy few pots of flowering plants there. It was one of my dreamy things to do nowadays, be able to go to ornamental gardens and have my eyes feast on the beautiful plants. Hopefully, they will thrive and survive the next anniversary.  That's all folks!  Ciao!

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