Friday, July 9, 2010

Reese's 3rd Birthday

My little girl turned 3 last July 5. As soon as she woke up that day, I handed her the presents I bought just the day before from Gift Gate and F tiangge: a lovable stuff toy, a pink watch that fitted nicely on her, rubber stamps, cell phone holder and pencil case. All of it brought a huge smile on her face showing how much she likes Hello Kitty. :-)

We were all off to school by 11am. During class, Reese was asked by teacher to go in front and was greeted by her classmates with a birthday song. She was quite shy and was staring at the ceiling, but she graciously said “Thank You” to her classmates as well.

Reese celebrated her birthday for the first time in school and served merienda during their break time. We brought her a Mickey Mouse & Friends themed cake from Goldilocks. The kids were pretty amazed with the cake toppers and the teachers had to remind the kids every now and then not to touch it. ;-) Kids sang for Reese once again and helped her blew her candle. Then, we served the kids Jollibee spaghetti, grilled TJ hotdogs and fruit juice. The snack party was short but sweet. I wasn’t able to take much pictures as I was busy myself assisting the kids with the help of their teachers.

I’m glad that Reese was able to experience celebrating her birthday with kids of her age; I really waited for this to happen. Hopefully next time, it will be in a different venue so the kids will have time to play games too.

Happy Birthday again baby, your Daddy still owe you a fun day at Cosmic Kidz and will do that soon…

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