Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Comfortable Love

I came across Books & Mags again, this time in Megamall. I got myself 3 books to read (hoping I have the time) and one of them is this: When Husband and Wife Become Mom and Dad

Below poem is an excerpt from above book which I dedicate to my better half... and it's called

"Comfortable Love"

There’s a thing I call comfortable love.
It’s not new or shiny or flashy.
It’s more like a bear with the fur loved off,
All comfy, cozy and warm.
It’s a love that’s passed the test of time,
Much deeper than new love could possibly be.
This love is filled with history,
Passion through joys and despair.
This love produces strength and security,
Like a baby blanket from younger days.
Comfortable love is what I share with you,
Growing more valuable, more precious,
More comfortable each day.

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