Monday, August 16, 2010

Money Manager

It's raining cats and dogs outside and  I can't go home yet!  So for now, I'll just grab this golden opportunity to blog :-)

I had backlog with my receipts for about 2 weeks and just got the chance to do my accounting stuff at lunch time today. I do it dutifully (when I can) to know where the "hard-earned" money goes and have my summary at the end of the month. It's not because I'm obliged to do so... it's just me wanting to know how are we handling our expenses. :-)

What I personally do is to group the receipts by categories like groceries, clothing, eat out, etc.  Then I use Money Manager mobile application to record the total expense per category.  I don't record the receipts per transaction date, instead, I do the total per week to make this task less tedious.

sample photo from

What I love about this mobile application is that I can record expenses anytime, anywhere!  I've been using this tool for 4 years already and this is the simplest mobile financial application I've used so far. 

In case you want to be on-track with your expenses and get to see how much is left from your payroll every month, then this tool is a must-try!


  1. just saying hi! :)

    i used to that before, listing every expenses, daily. since we had aquim, i just list major expenses. a budget is just allocated to each category and that's it! hehe makes my life easier!

    btw, you may want to add my son's blog

  2. hi Jolen! thanks for your comments. hope you and your family are doing well in Canada. I'll add aquim's blog now. :-)