Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Reese in Boracay

We went back to Boracay last August 27 and we just knew upon arriving that it was the Habagat season, which means more waves.  It was my third time, hubby's second time and for Reese, her first time at the Boracay beach!

her first plane ride, excited at first,
but got scared upon take-off and during entire flight :(
upon arriving at Caticlan

From the aiport, we took a van going to the Jetty Port, then boat-ride going to the island, then lastly, rode a multicab going to the hotel.  Each ride took approximately 10 minutes excluding the waiting time while the boat was loading passengers.

We stayed in Villa Sunset resort (station 2) for 3 days and 2 nights.  The place was very nice, with crisp clean bed, well-maintained bathroom, and also another plus was the swimming pool.

It was lunch time when we arrived, and our first dining experience was with Shakey's (stn. 2, in front of Boracay Mandarin).  It automatically became the first choice as Reese had just gotten over her feeding bottle and we need to look for a sure-shot kid-friendly menu.  Reese had her servings of spaghetti and chicken & corn soup there.  The rest of the dining experience happened in:  Cafe del Sol (had iced mocha & chocolate, no more mug for sale), Boracay Regency dinner buffet (good food, but the "nilagang baka" there is not the real one, it's just a soup), Paraiso Grill (loved their "sinigang na sugpo"),  Aria (for the quattro formaggi), Pancake House (Reese loved their pancakes), then back to Shakey's for the last meal.

During the time that Gani and I were in Boracay 2 years ago, it was very stormy then.  Good thing we had a good weather this time.  The beach was very nice, but the only thing prevented us to stay longer in the waters was the strong waves.  Nevertheless, Reese had fun playing in the sand and catching some waves with me and her dad.  We also spent time dipping in the pool and making Reese pretend that she knows how to swim. 

It was the first time that we brought Reese with us on a more-than-overnight vacation and it was all good!  She's now definitely  at the right age, eating real food and could already ask to use the bathroom which means lesser things to carry for travel.  And the best part, she could now voice out how much she appreciates being with us and spending that special moment in a real beach. :-)  I thank God for making it happened... Ciao!

my little girl posing on the
powdery white sand of Boracay

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