Friday, September 3, 2010


We've been loyal to BPI & HSBC cards for the past 5 years already, but not until I saw the Citibank credit card. What really made me interested to apply is due to the Mercury Drug rebate plus another rebate for every 1,500 pesos worth of purchase. Cool isn't?!

I just got my new card two weeks ago.  And without knowing before hand, I also got a new mobile phone.  It's just a basic phone without camera, but for me, it's definitely a welcome surprise!  Thanks to Citi! :-)

my baby model :)
PS:  I learned quite late that Citi has this card called "Cash Back Card" which gives higher rebates but with highter annual fee... I'm still contemplating if I want ours to be changed.  Will it become a savings or an additional expense in the long run? Think, think, think!

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