Thursday, December 2, 2010

Reese's First School Field Trip

I get swamped with work again so this is a late post now.

Last Nov 13 was Reese’s first field trip in school. The excited parents, Gani & I, accompanied her that day. Call time was 6AM, too early for toddlers and even parents like us! Good thing Reese was tired with playing the whole day before and did hit the sack early that night, so she woke up early. And yes, we made it just in time for boarding in the bus. But we had to wait for another 45 minutes as one of the student & parents were late! (I was a bit annoyed because we skipped breakfast just to be on-time)

Early in the bus with bff Yana
For my future reference, here’s the trip itinerary that day in sequential order:

• Sand Magic in Manila Film Theater
• Philippine Airforce Museum – Villamor Airbase
• Lunch at Blue Waves – Pizza Hut
• Museo Pambata
• Philippine Science Centrum
• Davao Crocodile Farm

Science Centrum movie effects, video taken was like in flying carpet

Reese’s favorite I think was the Museo Pambata, full of fun activities for the kids and educational too. While in Science Centrum, she participated in the shadow light experiment similar with Peter Pan wherein the shadow can be left behind.
As for me, I did like Davao Crocodile Farm; it was my first time to touch an albino python snake, baby crocodile and iguana.

We all went home happy and tired from the whole day of activities. It felt like I’m getting older as I cannot keep up with the energy level of the kids. Oh well!

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