Monday, February 14, 2011

10th year & Valentine's Day

From the time we got married, we’ve moved away from our yearly celebration of being in a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship. (makes sense right?) Well maybe, not this year.

February 10 marked our 10th year of being together! I wouldn’t lie, both of us have forgotten about this date. It was no longer something we look forward to, in view of the fact that our marriage anniversary has taken its place. So how did we remember? It was actually me who first thought of it by accident. It was Thursday morning when I was doing a daily report as favor to my colleague. While entering the date in the system and glancing at my desk calendar at the same time, it suddenly occurred to me that there’s something special on that date. And voila! I finally remember!

I immediately told him about it and asked for a dinner date! (A long time ago, my reaction would have been, “you didn’t remember?!”, but realized I’ve outgrown that already). He was definitely caught up by surprised too and ended work early that day to have dinner with me in Cyma at Shangri-La mall. We had lamb ribs and shrimp pasta which were both really good! I was so glad I remembered and we didn’t miss that special day.

Today, it’s Valentine’s day on a lazy afternoon. I’m not in the mood to work right now, thus, I’m writing this entry. Suddenly, my phone rang and it was the receptionist. She told me I got a delivery. Surprise, surprise! I thought I won’t get one this year because the hubby already took me to a dinner date at Spiral (the other night) for our celebration. But the hubby cared so much that he probably thought of sending me this to make me feel special... and yes he did :-)

That dinner date at Spiral was one of the best deals we’ve ever had! How good it was? Well, the dinner buffet cost was php 8k (peak season) for 2 persons. And guess how much the hubby paid for it? Not even 50% of the price, neither 30% (I would still consider it expensive if he did), luckily he paid even less than that! :-)

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