Friday, February 4, 2011

Going Home

Written during my flight with Delta 619 going to Narita on Jan 27.

I should be sleeping by now, but wasn’t able to do so. There were 3 nasty Asian-looking people who were talking so loud at the seat in front of me. I was hoping for a comfortable sleep with my neck pillow, eye mask and blanket on when these not so respectful people started talking endlessly. I don’t want to be judgmental, it’s just that it was too obvious that I was there trying to sleep and they didn’t bother talking too loud. The fat guy even apologized when he saw me removed my mask and stared at him. But guess what?! Nothing changed. They didn’t stop right then and there.
So I ended up putting up my laptop and starting some work, transferring the notes I got from the past several days of presentations and business meetings. And now, I’m done with that. So thanks to them that I now have the time to just blog and relax.

If the above didn’t happen, my story should be like this:

I’m writing this down during my flight with Delta 619 going to Narita, going back home. This is my 4th long haul flight, and my first time to be in Coach class. I used to be in Business before due to my back condition, but decided not to request for it as the duration of my trip is quite short, just 1.5 weeks. Not sure if that makes sense, but probably, just want to give something back to the company.

I won’t mention the differences between Business and Coach ‘coz there will be a lot and for sure, will be obvious already. Well, I actually didn’t come prepared the first time I’ve been to Coach. On the flight from Manila to Narita (about 4 hours), then to Minneapolis (which took another 11 hours), I was quite bored. The movies shown during the flight were (for me) below standards considering that I don’t watch movie that much thus I do have lower expectations. On top of that, I also ended up with almost no sleep. I didn’t feel comfortable sleeping despite of having enough room as nobody seat beside me.

So this time, during my flight back home, I ensure that I’ll have my essentials with me. I brought down my laptop with me instead of putting it in the overhead bin so that I can use it when I’m bored. I also bought a neck pillow and magazines from the airport.

Wish me luck! Hope I’ll be successful this time. Time to try sleeping again while the nasty Asian-looking people are asleep.

P.S. To report back on what happened afterwards, I wasn’t able to sleep at all during the entire flight… that was really bad. :-(

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