Monday, May 9, 2011

Uplifting Mood

First, it's the continuation of the gloomy weather today due to typhoon Bebeng.  Second, I woke up at the wrong side of the bed, and third but not the least, I forgot my laptop at home! (yeah... but that didn't pull me down 'coz I remember right away that I still have my old laptop with my files configured just a month ago)

It's been an hour that I've been convincing myself to actually jump start at work.  So I thought of creating a list of what are the things I would like to do later:  dine at somewhere really nice, shopping (shoes, bags, clothes), watch a feel-good-movie (nothing is there), swedish massage, or probably, have a dark chocolate.  But none of those I've listed got me excited.  Then another idea came into mind, why not browse for online deals?!  So I searched Emnidy's blog to find the links for Buyanihan, CashCashPinoy and Ensogo.  After feasting my eyes on the deals and a little mind conditioning, I've got myself a 42% OFF Hands & Foot Reflexology Treatment at Foot for the Gods in Megamall (valid from May 20-Aug 20, 2011).  I haven't tried this before, so I hope this is really good.  I've had those links way-way back and it's only now that I thought of using it.  Well, as long as it's a good deal and it's something that I can use, I'm all for it!  Note to self: apply practicality at all times :)

Ooops, what should I do next?  Not sure really, my mood is somehow uplifted but will need something else to make it last for the whole day.  Maybe an inspirational book will do.  I have here in my drawer a book called "What Matters Most for Women" which I bought 3 weeks ago and didn't find time to start reading it. Well, I'll do it by lunch time and see if it works.  And lastly, I found this from the web and this could also help:

Find time for yourself. Everyone needs some "me" time. There are many ways to do this and I will list a few to get your creative imagination working: 1: Take a short stroll alone at lunch time. 2: Go to bed 15 minutes before your spouse. 3: Get up a little earlier in the mornings. 4: Pull over in your car for 15 minutes and listen to some soothing music or just sit quietly. 
Article Source:

Now, go back to work Ros and finish your tasks!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Good Friday in Tagaytay and Caleruega

Last year, we visited 7 churches within the metro for our “Visita Iglesia”.  On Good Friday (April 22), I told hubby that we should try visiting other church/es that we haven’t been to.

And so, we had an impromptu plan of going to Tagaytay to visit Caleruega. We left the house before 10 am, and since it was a holiday, the road was clear particularly at SLEX. We only experienced traffic at Tagaytay itself. Obviously, a lot of people had the idea to visit the same place that day.

We arrived at past 11:30 am and had lunch at Pamana. Reese, as usual was not in the mood to eat but I was able to feed her with rice and sneaked in bits of “sinigang na sugpo sa santol”.

After lunch, we headed to Sonya’s Garden for hubby and Reese to witness its beautiful garden. As for me, my agenda was to buy few packs of my favorite “cheese hopia” for our merienda, and my stock of honey mint shampoo by Ilog Maria. Another favorite from that place (believe it or not) is their nicely-scented traditional rest room with capiz sliding door. If only I can have something like that at home. (Forgot to take picture of it, but will do next time I come back)

Then a little bit past 3pm, we’re finally able to reach Caleruega. I didn’t expect that the way to go to the chapel would be such a climb. Fortunately, we didn’t miss the most important part of our itinerary and we were able to hear mass. It was all our first time, and now I understand why people are admiring the place and I hope to visit it again when it is less crowded.

On our way home this time, I didn't forget to try Loumar's buko tarts.  It was quite good and hoping to try also their pie.  We also passed by Nuvali as hubby made an earlier promise to the little girl that she'll be feeding the hungry fish again.  But too bad that we were caught in traffic at Tagaytay and missed it.  So instead, we just had dinner at Claw Daddy (seafood pasta and pizza, just average).

Finally were home at 9:30 pm.

So far, I like visiting Tagaytay. It’s not quite far from Manila and it has so many things to explore and food to try. Maybe, I’ll target the next trip for my birthday this year. Now I’m excited! :)

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Warning: This is a snag post, probably my rudest post so far :(

After seeing the resort on TV, we went to this place in Pandi, Bulacan last April 17. So with me was Reese, hubby, mom and Len.

I was quite disappointed starting from the time we lined up to buy our tickets, and below are the reasons why:

*  There were separate lines for buying entrance tickets and renting cottages which was just okay, but the thing that sucks big time was that cottages were being reserved! This was not written anywhere in their website. So we ended up getting an improvised tent that cost 800 pesos and was situated at the farthest point of the resort, at Batanes Village near Madagascar's statue. Not really good, considering that we arrived quite early at past 9am and we ended up that way. As we entered, a lot of the cottages were still empty! Why not let the first customers take it?! I could understand that rooms can be reserved, but cottages?! What the heck!

*  There were only 1 wave pool and 4 small-medium sized pools in the resort. And I witnessed it myself, they were accommodating more than they should. I understand that it was peak season, but how could you enjoy a place that has no more room to relax or to swim?! That's what we paid for in the first place! The resort was good for photo-opp with the various characters they have there, but not just good enough facilities as a whole. Take a look at the 12-door shower area and you'll know why.  Also, I don't think the filters of the pool was able to do its job quite well with the quality of the water they have in their wave pool.

*  On parking, since we're new to the place, we've parked at the nearest slot we first saw. Nobody told us, not even the guard nor the caretakers, that there were parking slots available nearer to the entrance of the resort. We ended walking more than 5 minutes from parking to that improvised tent at the middle of the heat of the sun! Then, on our way to the parking going home, an A-hole blocked the entrance/exit of the parking. The guard didn't know what to do and told us that there's no way to call the attention of the car owner in the resort. Oh well! Good thing the driver of the jeepney closed to us was there. He moved a bit and we're given enough space to exit. Thank God!

*  Lastly, on our way to exit, hubby was asked by the security to bring out his camera. One of the guest was there explaining that her camera was stolen. Then we asked, is this the same model as yours? And instead, we were told to open our camera so that they can see the image inside. We declined since they were not able to answer us back. Then they let us go and apologize. I know it's difficult to lost something valuable, but if it doesn't look like yours so why bother? Weird & strange.

I've been to other resorts in Bulacan during peak season, but never got disappointed by this much. Lesson learned, don't try something you see on TV, when everybody else has seen it and are about to go there. Also, not everything we see on TV are as pretty or nice in actual.

My message to AMANA WATERPARK management? NOTHING. I've said more than enough here and they should know better.