Monday, May 9, 2011

Uplifting Mood

First, it's the continuation of the gloomy weather today due to typhoon Bebeng.  Second, I woke up at the wrong side of the bed, and third but not the least, I forgot my laptop at home! (yeah... but that didn't pull me down 'coz I remember right away that I still have my old laptop with my files configured just a month ago)

It's been an hour that I've been convincing myself to actually jump start at work.  So I thought of creating a list of what are the things I would like to do later:  dine at somewhere really nice, shopping (shoes, bags, clothes), watch a feel-good-movie (nothing is there), swedish massage, or probably, have a dark chocolate.  But none of those I've listed got me excited.  Then another idea came into mind, why not browse for online deals?!  So I searched Emnidy's blog to find the links for Buyanihan, CashCashPinoy and Ensogo.  After feasting my eyes on the deals and a little mind conditioning, I've got myself a 42% OFF Hands & Foot Reflexology Treatment at Foot for the Gods in Megamall (valid from May 20-Aug 20, 2011).  I haven't tried this before, so I hope this is really good.  I've had those links way-way back and it's only now that I thought of using it.  Well, as long as it's a good deal and it's something that I can use, I'm all for it!  Note to self: apply practicality at all times :)

Ooops, what should I do next?  Not sure really, my mood is somehow uplifted but will need something else to make it last for the whole day.  Maybe an inspirational book will do.  I have here in my drawer a book called "What Matters Most for Women" which I bought 3 weeks ago and didn't find time to start reading it. Well, I'll do it by lunch time and see if it works.  And lastly, I found this from the web and this could also help:

Find time for yourself. Everyone needs some "me" time. There are many ways to do this and I will list a few to get your creative imagination working: 1: Take a short stroll alone at lunch time. 2: Go to bed 15 minutes before your spouse. 3: Get up a little earlier in the mornings. 4: Pull over in your car for 15 minutes and listen to some soothing music or just sit quietly. 
Article Source:

Now, go back to work Ros and finish your tasks!

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