Saturday, July 23, 2011

Reese Turned 4

How time flies so fast as my little girl turned 4 this month. During the weekend before her birthday, her dad treated us to an overnight stay at Edsa Shangri-La. Oh yes, hubby got a good deal again at 60% off with free buffet breakfast for all of us at Heat! :)

oh well, impatiently waiting for my turn! :p

As birthday present, the little girl got an electronic microwave oven (Redbox) from mom and dad.

We celebrated her birthday in school with her 18 classmates and teachers.

Little Mermaid birthday cake won over the smaller Hello Kitty round cake. Also for a change, we didn't have spaghetti in our menu, instead we brought in KFC snackbox (funshots+fries), macaroni salad and party cupcake.

Happy 4th birthday again Reese! Mom is crazy busy nowadays that's why I'll be posting this a little bit late. I look forward to our trip to meet Mickey this October. I'm very sure you'll have so much fun! We love you as always!

Draft written in-flight DL162 going to Narita.  

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