Saturday, August 6, 2011

MSP in Summer

No more snow and winter chill factor, this time I went to Minessota for business travel in Summer time!  And to booth, my 2nd trip to the US this year.

It was really hot during my first week, ranging from 37-43C which is even hotter than in Manila.  But good thing it cooled down a bit on the 2nd week which felt more like home.  With the beautiful weather in place, the only usual challenge left was food! My taste buds which were more sensitive to too much saltiness and sweetness seem to not find a constant source of food that would satisfy it.  Oh well, maybe it's just me and my craving for white rice!

For my reference, I'm listing those that have transpired during my 2- week visit (excluding lunch-out's, work and business meetings of course!) :
* Supplier Summit in Raddison Hotel at downtown. Walked myself through the streets and window shopped at Macy's.

* Twin's Baseball game at Target Field

* Saturday lunch at Santorini, lamb was good!

*  Back to Mall of America since my last visit in 2009.  Got good deals in Bloomingdale within the first ten minutes of entering the mall, haha!  Also, the used to be Snoopy World has been replaced by Nickelodeon which is much better now that Dora is there.  I hope Reese was with me...  Then, we also went to Sea Life with Sanjay and his wife and daughter.

* Oh yeah, I did it again! I was back in Albertville which happen to be my most favorite place on earth, and it was during my birthday!  Happiness! I still got Corelle in a box this time (i thought I wouldn't) for my aunt, which help me not to over shop since it's quite heavy already and would take up a lot of my shopping space.  Great that I did coz I didn't shop too much this time.  Before going home, we dined at PF Changs.  Thanks to Julie and Russ.

* Boat cruise in Minnetonka lake using Tim's Formula, then dinner at Maynards.  The lobster raviolli was great!

* Visited Tom's very nice new house standing in 1200sqm of land and facing a golf course! Met his beautiful wife and daughter as well.

* Dinner at Ruby Tuesday's and my first time to watch horse racing at Canterbury Park with Leanne, her husband and their 4 kids.  It was fun but I held back myself from betting!

* Bailed out early on Friday and took the hotel shuttle service with Dindo for last minute shopping in Eden Prairie Mall.

I had fun and was able to do the things I wanted.  The spark of shopping has set back a bit since I already did one last January and probably, I'm getting more control and getting used to what I'm seeing.  :)

On business perspective it was a good visit, a lot of work to do and information to share with my team.  More challenges to overcome, aja!

Above it all, glad that it was over.  I'm more than happy to be on my way home and hug my Reese and hubby as soon as I got home!

Thank you God for all the blessings, opportunities, strengths, weaknesses and wisdom you are giving me.  Without You, I am nothing...

Draft written in-flight with Delta from MSP going to NRT.