Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Manila Ocean Park

We went there last Saturday for Len’s advance birthday celebration and Reese’s amusement. Unfortunately, Reese got scared of the big fishes and the like. Also, it rained that afternoon that’s why we didn’t wait for the Musical Fountain Show anymore.


• Has wide variety of marine creatures. I’ve seen a lot of species that I haven’t encountered before in other aquariums I’ve been to.

• Aside from the underwater tunnel, they have huge aquariums showcasing gigantic fishes, sharks, puffer fish, etc.

• The Marine Life Show of the Sea Lion was cute and entertaining. I also learned about the difference between a Sea Lion and a Seal :-)

• Souvenirs such as stuff toys, magnets, and key chains were reasonably priced.

Below are few more snapshots we took from the place.

• Crowded, especially at the underwater viewing tunnel since there was no “walkalator”, people were just on stand-by. Not a good idea. 
• Open areas in the Oceanarium is nice but not when it’s raining!
• Car entrance was single-lane only and noticed that cars are coming from many directions, why it can’t be organized?
• Food and drinks were tagged with sky-rocketing prices, bottled water is at 35 pesos!
• The design of the place will force you to walk all-around the place just to get into your next destination/show. It could be tiring for young kids. Looks like they have it done that way to encourage people to buy something from the stalls.

Are we going back there? Not any time soon. Hopefully by the time we come back, the ongoing constructions are already done and that they have improved the current setup.

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