Monday, September 26, 2011

Rainy Monday

It's a gloomy day today due to typhoon "Pedring".  Metro Manila is poised with signal #1 later this afternoon.
During lunch time, I went to Shangri-La Plaza to schedule Reese and Len for their eye check up.  Then chanced upon Crossings department store to look around at their home section.  I left the store with a lunch-box, a 490 ml square glasslock for 200 php only, absolutely cheaper compared to other brands.  I've been thinking of buying one since last week and glad that I found one that's not hard on my pocket :)

Another nice find today is this dark chocolate from Ritter Sport, it's only my first time to try it and it is surprisingly good! :)

I'm going home now before it rains harder. Ciao!

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