Thursday, October 13, 2011

Field Trip 2011

I went to my 2nd school field trip with Reese last October 9 (Sun). We only have 3 places/activities in the itinerary but those were more than enough to fill our day. For my future reference, here was our schedule:

8 am - assembly
8:30 am - bus departure
10 am - arrived at Avilon Zoo. we passed by rough roads and mountain sides. the zoo was really huge and took us 2 hours to walk around it. i love the various kinds of animals they have. downside is that they don't have animal show to entertain visitors, just picture taking with animals for a fee. another concern was too much flies in the vicinity particularly in the snack area :(

the Orangutan behind us is 30 years old!

Reese looking intently at the smallest bear from North America

bird cage, looks like from China ;-)

where's the member of Wonder Pets show?

1 pm - departed Avilon Zoo
1:45 pm - arrived at SM Fairview. Went to Storyland for ride-all-you-can activity. Reese tried everything they have there: hot air balloon, merry-go-round, train, bump car and even the roller coaster ride. To my surprise she enjoyed the rides! Then, we had late lunch at Shakeys.
5:20 pm - departed SM Fairview
6:15 pm -arrived in Araneta Coliseum
7 pm - watched Disney Live. It was wonderful and of course, Reese enjoyed seeing Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Goofey.
9 pm - bus departure
9:30 pm - finally home... long day!

Although it was tiring, I do enjoy going into field trips as I've never been to these places before (except for Araneta).  Maybe, I'll still come with Reese until she's grade 1 which is 2 more years from now.  Ciao!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Casa Ibiza

Last September 25, I was with Rosemount and friends for our team bonding at Casa Ibiza. We’ve met in Megamall at 10 am, had an early lunch at Gothis (my treat) and had dessert in Amici (Frankie’s treat). It’s good to start the day with good food!


delicious dessert by Amici

From Megamall, we took the van from the terminal. We made an arrangement with the driver to bring us straight to the resort and the fare asked was 68 pesos only, compared to the 50 pesos fare for the normal route, that’s relatively cheap. The travel time took around 1 hour and 5 minutes.

At the resort, we played mini-games such as “Guess Who’s Trivia It Is”, “Pinoy-Henyo”, and the ever famous “Charades”.

Another part that I enjoyed the most was the “revelations” during the night. It was done after shots of tequila, but in my case, I was just munching snacks as I’m not into drinking. Even so, I was happy that we got the chance to know each other better given that a lot of new members were added to our team this year. More so, it’s good to find connection between the earlier batch and the newbies. I look forward to our next bonding session :-)

Till next time.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


It’s been a year since the first time we learned about Reese’s eyesight concern.  She’s having follow-up check-ups every 6 months to monitor changes in her vision.  As expected, the grade of her glasses is going up given her young age.  Currently, her glasses is at 1.25 (R) and 1.0 (L).

Last Saturday, we went to American Eye Center.  The big change I would like to note this time was on Reese being more cooperative and that she was no longer afraid to say if she cannot read something.  Prior to our doctor’s visit, I coached her to say “sorry, it’s too small” or “sorry, it’s blurred” so that she won’t feel shy if she cannot really see it.  Reese has myopia combined with astigmatism that’s why she has difficulty reading from afar.

Unlike before that I felt too bad about what happened to her eyesight, I feel better that Reese is getting more comfortable wearing her glasses and that she can still do physical activities.  Also, as time goes by, I think the glasses looks good on her too. :-)

lady-looking Reese
Till our next eye check-up.

Bills and Coins

When I was a kid, my god-mother gave me a merry-go-round shaped coin bank as Christmas present. I liked it so much that I tried to save coins from my “baon” to put inside it. From then on, the habit of saving in a coin bank was born.

My first coin bank was made of carton paper. Then during College, I switched to using ceramic and glass bottle depending on which one was available. It felt more exciting to drop coins inside due to the “clanking” sound. Up to now, I’m still into this habit.

Why do I use coin bank? Well, I actually don’t save up for something; instead, I’m doing it for fun. Whenever I’m done filling it up, I spend it on something it can afford. The difference with the way I spend here is that I am more “lax” doing it. For the most part, I am a practical shopper, and hubby can attest to that. I spend time looking for good deals and will not settle for the first item I saw. The benefit I get from my coin bank is that I could spend it without thinking too hard, or for me I call it “mindless shopping”. This is my way of getting some little treats without breaking the bank. And in times I don’t have something to buy for myself, I use it to buy gift for hubby.

Before, I used to save 5 and 10 peso coins in my Starbucks bottle. Every time I do it, I ended up having a heavy purse due to the large amount of coins I have to change into bills. It became tedious and I have to wait for the coins to be all gone before I can start my next savings. This time, what I did is saving 20 peso bills to reduce the problem of heavy coins.  (And since I still would like to hear the clanking sound of coins, I have this small piggy bank to fill with silver coins... yeah... I know, I can't get over it)

To make it more fun, I have Reese and hubby join me as well. Reese is saving my 5 peso coins into her purple piggy bank, while hubby is saving his spare change into his Angry Bird coin bank. As expected, hubby is just doing it to save himself from carrying coins in his pocket. 

As we all know, guys are not really fond of coins. But my main goal is really for Reese to build the habit of saving (not for treats) and spending money the right way.  Reese, by the time you read this, I hope you're saving on your own already. :-)