Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Casa Ibiza

Last September 25, I was with Rosemount and friends for our team bonding at Casa Ibiza. We’ve met in Megamall at 10 am, had an early lunch at Gothis (my treat) and had dessert in Amici (Frankie’s treat). It’s good to start the day with good food!


delicious dessert by Amici

From Megamall, we took the van from the terminal. We made an arrangement with the driver to bring us straight to the resort and the fare asked was 68 pesos only, compared to the 50 pesos fare for the normal route, that’s relatively cheap. The travel time took around 1 hour and 5 minutes.

At the resort, we played mini-games such as “Guess Who’s Trivia It Is”, “Pinoy-Henyo”, and the ever famous “Charades”.

Another part that I enjoyed the most was the “revelations” during the night. It was done after shots of tequila, but in my case, I was just munching snacks as I’m not into drinking. Even so, I was happy that we got the chance to know each other better given that a lot of new members were added to our team this year. More so, it’s good to find connection between the earlier batch and the newbies. I look forward to our next bonding session :-)

Till next time.

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