Tuesday, October 4, 2011


It’s been a year since the first time we learned about Reese’s eyesight concern.  She’s having follow-up check-ups every 6 months to monitor changes in her vision.  As expected, the grade of her glasses is going up given her young age.  Currently, her glasses is at 1.25 (R) and 1.0 (L).

Last Saturday, we went to American Eye Center.  The big change I would like to note this time was on Reese being more cooperative and that she was no longer afraid to say if she cannot read something.  Prior to our doctor’s visit, I coached her to say “sorry, it’s too small” or “sorry, it’s blurred” so that she won’t feel shy if she cannot really see it.  Reese has myopia combined with astigmatism that’s why she has difficulty reading from afar.

Unlike before that I felt too bad about what happened to her eyesight, I feel better that Reese is getting more comfortable wearing her glasses and that she can still do physical activities.  Also, as time goes by, I think the glasses looks good on her too. :-)

lady-looking Reese
Till our next eye check-up.

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