Thursday, October 13, 2011

Field Trip 2011

I went to my 2nd school field trip with Reese last October 9 (Sun). We only have 3 places/activities in the itinerary but those were more than enough to fill our day. For my future reference, here was our schedule:

8 am - assembly
8:30 am - bus departure
10 am - arrived at Avilon Zoo. we passed by rough roads and mountain sides. the zoo was really huge and took us 2 hours to walk around it. i love the various kinds of animals they have. downside is that they don't have animal show to entertain visitors, just picture taking with animals for a fee. another concern was too much flies in the vicinity particularly in the snack area :(

the Orangutan behind us is 30 years old!

Reese looking intently at the smallest bear from North America

bird cage, looks like from China ;-)

where's the member of Wonder Pets show?

1 pm - departed Avilon Zoo
1:45 pm - arrived at SM Fairview. Went to Storyland for ride-all-you-can activity. Reese tried everything they have there: hot air balloon, merry-go-round, train, bump car and even the roller coaster ride. To my surprise she enjoyed the rides! Then, we had late lunch at Shakeys.
5:20 pm - departed SM Fairview
6:15 pm -arrived in Araneta Coliseum
7 pm - watched Disney Live. It was wonderful and of course, Reese enjoyed seeing Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Goofey.
9 pm - bus departure
9:30 pm - finally home... long day!

Although it was tiring, I do enjoy going into field trips as I've never been to these places before (except for Araneta).  Maybe, I'll still come with Reese until she's grade 1 which is 2 more years from now.  Ciao!

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